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  1. mdot

    Thoughts on "Phrase URLs" that are different than your brand name?

    I was wondering if anyone has any SEO/Marketing experience with using a domain name that isn't just ""? For instance, I was thinking of using a short four word url. Four words sounds long for a url (well, one word is just "at") but I think the phrase really captures the benefit...
  2. ElleMg

    EXECUTION DOING IT (Marketing marketing)

    I remember once reading the quote along the lines of 'the best way out of a difficulty is through it'. It definitely helped me a lot in the past. Sometimes fear stops you doing the most natural thing to do, which combines your purpose, what you're good at, and what there's a demand for. I...
  3. ValueSystems

    INTRO New here ! Creative 24yo with ADD

    Oy everyone, Lovely to meet you all. Been peeking on this forum for years, but I only decided just now to make an account. Mini bio : 24 years old creative ADD learning code to build systems. Struggles : Personally, I struggle with the shiny object syndrome the most. I'm very curious, I...
  4. L

    Launched SaaS, $5K MRR, on the road to FASTLANE, at 22 y.o.

    Fellow fastlaners, It's been roughly 4 years since I had read the Millionaire Fastlane. Since then a lot has happened; I had launched my first small business (ScoopAid) - a massive failure, tried launching a t-shirt business failed, and last but not least, I dipped into dropshipping (which in...
  5. trylks

    Books, productocracy, and the creator economy

    Lately, the "creator economy" is "blooming", I mean: there is a handful of services to allow you to upload a PDF and get paid for people downloading it. I want to share my opinion about it because I would like you to correct me in whatever I am wrong, perhaps not too much: This approach to...
  6. T

    Could YOU build a business with only one product??

    Hey all, I have a product that I've had for sale for the past year. The first 2 months I sold about a dozen of these for total sales of around $700. Not bad, but I have about $6,000 worth of inventory. Ever since then, I have not made a single sale. My primary sales channels were Amazon and...
  7. MaxT

    Are influencers essential ?

    Hi everyone, I am developing my own Android & iOS applications, it is growing quite a bit as well as my income, I would like it to progress faster so I am looking for solutions. Have you already paid influencers? does it have a good return on investment on your projects ? Or do you have other...
  8. S

    Hello from Greece - Creation of a SaaS and marketing problem

    Hello everyone, First, thank you that you spent time reading this post. My english is not very good and i hope to understand the whole writing here. I am Nondas from Greece and i am 28 years old. I have been in the personal improvement mode for about 3,5 years now. I have joined a community...
  9. S

    EXECUTION The Story of my Marketing- & Sales-Agency

    Hey there, so I decided to do this sort of diary, to share my story and my process. Mainly for myself, to reflect on the process, the problems and my mind (-set) but on the other hand I think it is great to share experiences so someone can maybe get inspired or not to feel alone with certain...
  10. Ilke

    Digitizing the bulk documents (marketing ideas)

    Hi everyone, This is my first ever post after applying many ways of action-faking instead of action-taking. A short introduction; I am 36 years old, not married but have a long-term girlfriend, I have a typical 9-5 job which doesn't satisfy me professionally hence it is my affecting my personal...
  11. Kwiksliver

    I've created an invention!! Now what...??

    Hi All! Whilst I currently operate a number of businesses, I've never actually "invented" a product and taken it to market before. So far I'm in the "Idea" stage, I've done my research and from what I can tell, the product is unique. I've also created a prototype. This is a...
  12. A

    Value of using multiple social media platforms

    I am the social media person for an amateur sporting organisation. It is voluntary work and quite a time consuming doing a good job with (1) Facebook to get it right and I also duplicate some of these posts in my club notes section of a (2) local newspaper and we also have an extensive (3)...
  13. T

    Building an eBook Writing & Publishing Business (Best Strategy to Reach US/UK/Canada Clients)

    Greetings Fastlaners, I hope you are all doing well during these turbulent and unprecedented times. 2021 has been learning, stretching and challenging one for my team and me. By the close of the year, I had a couple of opportunities to build other businesses besides my web design and digital...
  14. Hadrian

    7 days and $750 Dollars to Market my Product. Where do I start?

    Hello Fastlaners... Just hoping to garner a little advice as I have 7 days and $750 dollars ad spend to begin marketing my Meditation app. Where would you start if you wanted to do a 7 day marketing launch but you're starting from Zero with no social media accounts, just a website. FB ads...
  15. MaxT

    Instagram promotion techniques

    Hello everyone, to promote my Android and iOS applications I use Instagram, in order to increase the growth of Likes and subscribers I would like each of us to share HIS technique. I know there are several and I would also like to have your opinion on mine. Personally, I subscribe to several...
  16. Fr33zerPop

    How should I do market research for my product without offending/annoying?

    Hey there, I'm excited to be creating a graphic product aimed at musicians. However, one of my weak areas (that I love to try to skip) is actually engaging with my potential customers. I'm struggling with a way to ask them about my product without coming across salesy. I know people love to give...
  17. jb5150

    EXECUTION Cold calling Rehab Clinics, input requested!

    I run a trauma psychotherapy clinic, and I am looking to expand across my state/province. What we do is offer a no fee (free) trauma counselling to anyone who has been involved in a vehicle accident. I am able to provide this due to the fact we have one government funded auto insurance...
  18. ProcessPro

    Any ideas on how to market to Amazon sellers?

    I offer services that can benefit the aforementioned target market, but I'm not sure what's the best point of contact. I'm thinking of going on the seller page then 'Ask a Question'. What do you think? Any help or ideas are appreciated.
  19. SirGeorge

    Job: Social Media virtual Assistant/Officer

    Hello! Looking for a social media virtual assistant/officer who will prepare a social media calendar for two fitness/bio brands (i already have the structure of the month) and communicate with our designer for the preparation of the posts + scheduling them on facebook/instagram + writing 1...
  20. MaxT

    Promote an android / ios application

    Hello everyone, how are you? I hope that there are developers here who want to join the fastlane, that's my case, and if there are others (or not) I would like to know if you had any particular techniques to promote more your application. Did you read any particular books? Followed a training...
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