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  1. T

    Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Got a small budget but need big marketing results? Here are a few tips to get you started 1. Read up on SEO basics: It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website and increase brand visibility. There are literally 100's of SEO related videos on YouTube by real...
  2. Hadrian9

    Feedback for outreach for email marketing services?

    I noticed a lot of E-Commerce stores neglect to send welcoming emails to people who subscribe to their newsletter, even though it's a crucial part of email marketing. I found a bunch of businesses with this problem and made an example welcome email for each one that I could replicate in their...
  3. MaxT

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Hello, I'm a French Entrepreneur since 2018, and I've started a Youtube channel where I publish different facts about general culture every day in the shorts format. I publish on tik tok too. At this time it's only for fun, but in 10 days I've get 2k views on one video and 1k views on another...
  4. Aidan04

    Read DotCom Secrets!

    I have been recently working on putting together marketing material for my brand, and I came across a book called DotCom Secrets. This book entirely changed my perspective on marketing, and it shows you how to make a lot more money with your brand by building "funnels". I would highly recommend...
  5. thejessecarr21

    Marketing, If You Had To Start Your Business Over

    I wanted to create a chat about marketing. To pass around ideas and see what others' perspectives are. If you were to start a business today online or even restart your own business. With zero funds for paid marketing. How would you market your business online?
  6. BellaPippin

    $$ out from marketing vs $$ in

    I am working on a book/workbook and while I receive the samples and prepare the whole thing I’ve made it available as an ebook for $7.99. I am on Shopify and Amazon KDP (note: I cannot run ads on amazon because they don’t like my cover.. working on whether to change it or not) I spent $80 on IG...
  7. MaxT

    AARRR Framework : Another way to build a better SaaS, Apps, Website project.

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it has already been presented here but I thought that for people starting a project it might be useful to share this framework. To summarize, it is a framework to help you segment your project to improve the following points: Acquisition, Activation, Retention...
  8. F

    Introduction for my 3D Configurator Business and my problems

    Hello, my name is Fiete and I come from near Hamburg (Germany). Briefly about my background: I built an agency ECommerce agency with 18 years as Co Founder which is specialized in Shopify, Shopware and WooCommerce store development. We ran the agency with this business model from 2019-2021...
  9. mikecarlooch

    Social Media Tricks Don’t Work Long Term

    Most of what you've been told about making a winning video on social media is a lie. This goes against some of the things I've posted over the months in the forum, but I would rather face reality and spread the truth rather than try to stay consistent with a narrative I now know is false. I...
  10. goognin

    What %% of B2B SaaS users are stuck on trial plans because they can't understand how to use the product?

    It looks like many B2B SaaS are too complex to understand from scratch for new users. Also, it's hard to allocate personal managers to all new clients if your LTV is less than $10-20k/year. Are there any numbers about the %% of B2B SaaS users stuck on trial plans because they can't understand...
  11. mikecarlooch

    How To Growth Hack Your Social Media Without Hoping (2023)

    This Is Not Clickbait Dear fastlaner, Have you ever considered that growth on social media.. does not have to be based on hope? Recently, I spotted an amazing system that gave me a ton of mental clarity about social media when I managed to get it on paper and start implementing it.. It...
  12. Andy Black

    A chat about selling marketing services

    @xShepherdx posted last week about his frustrations hiring a marketing freelancer. We've never spoken but I offered to hop on a call and chat about it. If you watch then please add your notes and I'll add them to this opening post. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going...
  13. E

    Has anyone purchased aged FB Business Manager with unlimited daily ad spend from a reputable seller or rented an agency FB ad account?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! So far I have lost the times I have tried to make it work with my own Business Manager, I couldn’t even begin to warm up the account before I get restricted and have no idea how some people manage to scale their businesses in the millions so I am...
  14. Selfmadeujjwal

    How to Sell 5+ figures offer

    Do you have a high ticket offer that you want to promote to your audience? If yes, then this post can help you sell your high ticket offer. Here's how: Step 1: be niche specific You've already been hearing from all over the internet that "riches are in the niches" so you've to firstly be micro...
  15. ycee

    Struggling to get influencers to work with you? Try this unique “give first” method to flip that on its head.

    The first obstacle you would face with influencer marketing is actually getting creators interested in working with your brand. I like to use one simple line in my outreach to overcome this resistance. What’s that? "For no commitment on your end, I want to send you a special package with our...
  16. ycee

    What do you think about the future of influencer/ambassador marketing with the recession, downfall of ads, etc.?

    While having a content channel and email list is the best, I've observed that influencer marketing and related channels (affiliate, ambassador marketing) are taking off among both ecommerce and SaaS brands nowadays. I see two trends here: - Ads are not working as well as they used to. - The...
  17. Martin Z

    $100m business idea. Need some advice on a life changing business prototype.

    A little background. I've been running a small Instagram agency for about 2 years now. Learned a lot about sales, marketing, failure and people in general in that time. It hasn't gone that well to be honest. Sure, it's a good side hustle but it's not really a fastlane business per se. It's more...
  18. Martin Z

    Is Andrew Tate Legit Or Not?

    Morning fellow fastlaners, some of you may not be familiar with him, especially you older folks but you young guns (15-25) will be very familiar with him from IG, TikTok and YouTube. He's the most searched man on Google at the moment. Guy is obviously a very polarizing figure. You either love...
  19. E

    Feedback and Wisdom needed

    I have decided to build a parking app that tracks which parking spots are open and would allow you to reserve them for a small price. In case anyone is wondering, I did get this idea from an idea dump on this forum. I am a homebody and when I do go out it is camping or to friends house. I am...
  20. M

    How to find data for market research

    Hi everyone! I am currently doing a marketing internship at a very early-stage B2B startup in the EU (I am in college and I'm doing it just to learn about business, I am not starting my own company because I don't have money and I am planning to move abroad soon). They asked me to find data...

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