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  1. Andy Black

    Don't Ask, Give

    Too many folks just ASK... How do I find a client? How do I find a mentor? How do I find a business idea? Or they want to give, but ASK how... Can I help you? What can I help you with? Do you need help with XYZ? Don't ask, give. Don't even ask what you can give, or ask for permission...
  2. HJP

    Getting a list of outbound leads?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a list of outbound leads through either buying them or scraping however I've never done it before. I've curated a list of around 150 leads manually and had decent success with it however it is incredibly time consuming and I'd like to make use of a list that is pre made /...
  3. Laksh Ramesh

    A problem in finding leads for my agency...

    Hey fellow fast laners, I would be getting my first payments from my agency which has scaled 2k/month in 2 months soon, but I have to ask a question on where to source leads to cold call them and what quality should they be. I have a criteria for sure in which the business has poor website, no...
  4. ProcessPro

    Please critique my strategy for getting leads

    The conventional wisdom is to get prospects to know, like, and trust you, then they might choose to hire you and become a client, so know>like>trust>close. I agree with this. Another conventional way of thinking is that the aim of outreach is to get a response/call/meeting, then the aim of the...
  5. BizyDad

    21 Ways To Get More Referrals ~ For Free

    A quick search of the forum and I found little advice about how to get more referrals. The closest is some excellent advice from Andy Black in a couple of threads. When I find them again, I'll post them below. Sure, maybe asking for referrals isn’t as awesome as having a killer affiliate...
  6. 458

    Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    Hitting stride now but still growing fast, 2019 should have us averaging 150k a week, right now i am at 75k per week. I've learned a lot as we have grown, who has questions? Add them below and I'll answer (good questions only). EDIT: SPECIFIC QUESTIONS RELATED TO YOUR OWN STARTUP OR BUSINESS...
  7. Real Deal Denver

    Getting Blacklisted for Spam (Cold Email Lead Techniques)

    Has anyone been blacklisted for spam? I am sending out massive marketing emails. Unsolicited. So that makes them spam. But they're not. Anyone ever run up against a brick wall with this? Man, emails are monitored like you wouldn't believe. It's a catch-22. There are companies (MailCheat(Chimp)...
  8. O

    Just wanted to say hello there :)

    Hello Everyone, Hope that prosperity is walking with you daily. I am in here to learn and hopefully contribute to the community. I am working with a local publication and a Facebook business page. I am trying to grow my reach to give my clients an abundace of leads and jobs. Technology...
  9. Argue

    The Beginner's Guide To The Sales Funnel

    Getting Started The funnel is a tool designed to turn visitors into customers. The visitor goes through a series of steps that lead them to take action. Learning the basics of the funnel will help your online business with conversions. The Funnel There are typically 5 parts to the funnel...
  10. L

    What to Google for? Construction crew B2C business

    Hello, I'd like to start a business - website which helps people with finding a construction crew for their new apartament or makeovers. I am not sure what to look for in Google in terms of generating income with this idea. I'd like to avoid primitive commission fees or fees for creating an...
  11. Jamesdoesmith

    WHERE!?!?!? Does everyone learn to build websites/SEO/Social media marketing?!

    I am in a dilemma where I need to learn how to create my own sales leads. Landing pages/SEO things/ Create funnels/Ads on social media. I am tired of paying for these services. Where did YOU learn to do these things? I am trying to cut out the middle man and generate my own leads.
  12. EdwardSavage

    Can I use someone else's site as an example?

    Hello, As I am starting in web design, I do not have a consolidated portfolio that I can use as an example for prospects. Would it be okay if I linked potential clients to a website not created by myself, if I know I can make something similar?
  13. Spicymemer45

    Fastlaner's Guide To GETTING HUGE! (Fast of course!)

    MAKING MONEY AND MUSCLE WORK FOR YOU Money and Muscle is without a doubt the best way to get laid but, we're here for YOU IF YOU'VE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH MAINTAINING MUSCLE AND STRENGTH THIS FORUM SOLVES IT ALL! HOW DO I BUILD MUSCLE? So, building muscle seems pretty straightforward on...