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help please

  1. A

    What tools and methods can I use to eradicate any and all financial illiteracy?!

    Hello! Pretty much, what the title says. In TMF, when I was reading about financial illiteracy, I got kinda scared and worried about my chances, cause up until that point - I was 100% on board with everything MJ was saying, but seeing all those financial terms made me doubt the possibility of me...
  2. A

    I called the potential fastlane mentors phone number, now Im confused as shit...

    We had a surprise seminar in out school with a person, who I could only presume had become a part of the fastlane. He was talking about making his own multi-million business, meditating in the mountain of Nepal, the whole nine yards. From the start I knew that I should do everything in my power...
  3. M

    Dreams and no money...

    Hi, my name is Michal, I'm from Poland, I have a huge dream of buying my dream car and taking my most wonderful girlfriend on her dream vacation, but currently I don't know what to do in life, and I would like to earn a lot of money at a young age. I dream of being rich and currently have...
  4. B

    18 years old, I want to make a junk removal company.

    Alright I'm going to write down what I think is all relevant information about my life and why I have made this decision to make a junk removal company. Ok so first, I've had a ""Side hustle"" of junk removal with my stepdad, Using his truck and trailer. At the time I was watching a lot of...
  5. B

    Need some actual feedback... i feel like im falling back..

    Okay so i have been working on my venture to freelancing & dropshipping artworks as a stepping stone but i just feel like everything im doing isn't going to get me to the right road, i started getting myself involved in the AI market but i am thinking whether to skip it and go straight on to...
  6. Jannina Emila

    New entrepreneur needs a second opinion on strategy

    Needing an opinion from you guys. I’m a new ish entrepreneur, past 1.5 years tested numerous different strategies and offers with my business and now finally feels like I’m starting to find the longer term, enjoyable and sustainable way I want to build my business (building a brand in social...
  7. B

    I would like to make a videogame coaching website

    Alright backstory, I want to make a videogame coaching website for the videogame valorant, I'm having the website commissioned as you read this, However I've been doing a lot of thinking and research, People are on average charging between $15-$25 per hour, I'd like to train other high level...
  8. D

    PLEASE! HOW can i find people with an heavy self-improvement/entrepreneur mindset????

    I am 16 years old i have started building a website and perfecting my system…… Yes it is CENTS compatible. anyways i’ve tried everything. at the gym, at my college , social media….. i just CANNOT SEEM to find anyone with my mindset???? i am from the UK please guid me FASTLANE!
  9. piano

    How long does coding take to learn and where to start?

    Hello! I've got an idea for a business which I think will work. I just need to create a similar website to ebay and go on from there (my idea is not just copying Ebay btw). I want to code it myself and not use whack website-creator-websites (these are whack, right?) so I have a stable basis and...
  10. H

    DUMP PROJECT and start all over?

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you to help me see things clearer regarding a project that I developed over the last years and have sunken a lot of cost into. I've probably been suffering from "sunken cost fallacy" but now I'm ready to throw it away (or not). But I would like to have some...
  11. J

    $1 000, 50 days, what business?

    Hi, I got a job offer, but it's in October, so now I got 40 days and $1 000. But nothing to do. I've always wanted to start a business. My goal is to start a Startup in a couple of years where we build homes/communities/cities under and on water. There are no such things yet, and it's destined...
  12. A

    Advice me on my Fastlane journey

    My journey ---> Hello, I am Amir. A few months ago I decided to quit my job, at that time I hadn't heard of MJ Demarco and I hadn't read his books, but I had read other books and I knew that the path I was on the path to work to get paid was wrong, so I launched an online course and quit my job...
  13. Erix

    Should I start a business now? (I am 15 years old)

    I still procrastinate much and i do not know if i should start now, i know that i have to educate myself first by reading books and looking at posts in this forum but after reading a lot of books should i try to start? My brain says excuses like you are too young or wait till you are 18. I am...
  14. Stu Shark

    I’m out of money. What lever do I pull?

    Hello Fastlane family, I hope each and everyone of you is striving to achieve your dreams and succeeding in that endeavor. It’s a long story but to keep it brief, I read the books over two years ago and have been working on my Fastlane business on the side since then. I was laid off from my...
  15. MaxT

    Promote a book with Amazon Ads

    Hello, I launched an Amazon Ads (ad) 5 days ago. The expenses are increasing little by little but I haven't recorded any sales yet, the book is good and is selling very well here in France so I don't think it comes from there... Attached you will find the various statistics in photo. I know that...
  16. pawanthapa

    How do i change my mindset . need some tips and help. thank you in advance

    Hello guys its been some months and im learning programming and things i am trying stuff then i recently noticed that i get too distracted form unnecessary thinking . what do i mean by this? when i said unnecessary thinking i think something totally irrelevant to the subject i'm into and i hop...
  17. Matake007

    HELP! Ecommerce 3PL (Product Fulfillment) Startup

    Fastlaners, I am undertaking the development of an ecommerce 3PL (outsourced product fulfillment) platform that I believe has the potential to have massive impact on ecommerce as a whole. In order for it to work, I need to find business owners that are willing to first allow me to individually...
  18. Z

    Making it as a singer and an inventor

    My name is Zubayer Mirza (Artist name will be Zubair). I have a vision for the future. One where cooperate with machines to achieve a complete eutopia. I have ideas for music and inventions to benefit mankind. Emergency Medical Technicians have the power to save lives. I will build machines to...
  19. Eric SDA

    Feeling Lost - How to move forward with this E-Commerce business

    Hi all, I'm going through a very tough time and would really appreciate some advice on my e-commerce company situation. Background I began work on the business (physical products) in April 2019 and started trading in August 2020. The model was to launch on Amazon (FBA), rank the products...
  20. Y

    Help me!

    Hello i’m the book’s reader from South Korea. I read the book very impressively and decided to follow your guide. I’m not able to follow the direction right now because of really inevitable condition which ends at 2022/04. So I’m trying to stack up my financial knowledge before 2022/04 So the...

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