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  1. akash321yadav22

    For freelancer how digital business card can be useful

    As a freelancer, how can a digital business card help you? is it good to go with digital card ? any suggestion
  2. M

    What's your underrated outreach method/strategy? (Outreach Thread)

    I'll go first: Industry: Web development (Freelance) Strategy: Reddit has been working for me the best till now. I usually send chat requests (my pitch + portfolio) to warm leads (leads that have shown some indication of interest in webdev services in their recent posts/comments). For example...
  3. G

    Question for the freelance web developers... What's the most painful part of web development freelance for you?

    Hey guys. I'm doing a personal project on solving real problems with code. I made a form (quick, 4 questions) to find out freelance web devs' collective pain points and hoped to find the best possible way to help out my fellow web devs. Here's my pain point. Qualifying leads is a nightmare for...
  4. E

    Wannabe Freelancer With an Idea.

    I really want to make some money, I truly really do. The idea of working a 9-5 for the rest of my life has filled me with genuine dread since I was old enough to understand how much I valued free time (like 11 maybe). About two months ago I quit my job working at corporate a$$ whole foods, and...
  5. gandalf113

    Starting an app development business

    I'm thinking of starting a mobile/web app development business or a software house. Software development is my main field of expertise and I want to leverage that. Initially, I want to focus on developing MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) for startups that have a relatively low budget (<10k). How...
  6. MexicanCreator48

    Created my gig at Fiverr, but haven't sold anything

    Hi guys! I created a project months ago in which I do translation services in different languages but I encountered a problem and I haven't sold anything yet, I noticed that I make a few impressions per day but no one seems to buy the service. Do you guys work on Fiverr? And if so, how can I...
  7. theautismgenius

    Finding people to help for coding their website

    Hi ! Does anyone in the forum here has been in freelance to begin the journey DeMarco actually funded his business with freelance by arriving in Arizona he was helping on coding the website for new york business does it still work today ? From my research on the internet I found the website...
  8. connorkennxdy

    Should I get a 'Regular Job' to fund Fastlane venture as a 17y/o?

    I'll jump straight to it. I make between 300-450GBP per month with my weekend jobs (pay varies due to overtime & no. weeks in the month). I invest 100GBP per month into mutual funds. Driving lessons are between 140-180GBP per month (depending how many weeks are in the month). Food expenses...
  9. J

    Help Wanted

    Hello everyone, I’m a newbie copywriter wondering how to find a mentor. I was told this was the place to look. -Josh
  10. Dr_Kdub28

    How do I present myself as a freelancer?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to get clients as a freelancer copywriter. I know there's tons of videos and guides on the topic. However, my problem is paralysis by analysis. I've been watching/taking notes, but have become too concerned with perfection. This concern stems from...
  11. TheTaylorWang

    Any freelancers here?

    I’m testing a product for freelancers and would like to validate it. I think it is a really helpful tool to increase productivity and organization. If any of you can help I would love to hop on a call. I’ll leave my calendly below:
  12. Lex DeVille

    Tips for Getting Started on Upwork in 2022 & Beyond...

    It's been a while since I wrote about Upwork. Many new faces want to freelance, so this is just an update on the landscape for those of you who want to do it but aren't sure where to start. Is Upwork Still Worth It in 2022? Yes. Not only is Upwork still worth it, but it has become the single...
  13. A

    Working on an app for a couple of months and yesterday the client said that he don't want it because the biggest player in the market has arrived

    From last couple of months I had been working on a food delivery app, and a few weeks ago I saw a very big banner of zomato(India's largest food delivery service) advertising. From that day I was somewhat sure that the client will say me to leave. But I didn't talked with him because my app...
  14. Black_Dragon43

    Foundations of Successful Freelancing - Why Many of You FAIL To Make Meaningful Money

    If you have great sales skills, but lack the right foundations, you'll struggle with freelancing. And here's why... the most important thing when it comes to selling intangibles (like most freelancing services) is credibility. Why? Because you can't touch an intangible. There's no way for you...
  15. Lex DeVille

    Freelance University: Solve Every Freelance Problem (Especially on Upwork)

    Struggling Freelancers! Start a freelance business. Learn new skills. Get proposal responses. Clean up your profile. Improve your interviews. Meet Other Freelancers. Sell yourself at the highest possible prices. Click to Learn More Now ➤ Let's Solve Every Freelance Problem You Could...
  16. KushShah9492

    I got a little off track from my original intention, and it's amazing!

    So, I had started with the intention of going deep into SEO as much as I can. I went through courses, I built a blog, I experiment with different keywords and tools of SEO, which led me to the nitty gritty details of web designing. I know this is way off track from what I wanted to do(SEO), but...
  17. DMNinja

    [Personal Freelance Journal] Starting on Niche Freelance Consulting Work

    I've been listening to Unscripted again, and something dawned on me. I have domain experience in a niche field, and I am actively getting paid to tackle a problem. Through systemizing this procedure, I can scale my income (still bound to time though) and in the future I could turn it into a...
  18. KushShah9492

    Productivity Blog!

    After a lot of reddit replies back and forth, twitter interactions.. I have finally decided to start my own blog(website) where I can practice my SEO skills. Now, I've always been a productivity nerd and read a lot of books on the given topic, so I figured, why not start a blog on productivity...
  19. KushShah9492

    Pros and Cons for SEO 2021

    I came across a few articles wherein it was stated that SEO might be dead by the end of 2021. From what I’ve studied about SEO, I beg to differ. However, I’d like to get some inputs regarding the same from you Guys.
  20. KushShah9492

    New Side Hustle suggestions(for short term)

    I'd like to start my second source of income(shouldn't have to be millions of dollars, should cover just basic expenses with 5-10% savings). I've been into digital marketing for a while, but it seems everybody's doing it, and there's nothing exclusive I could offer. Any other suggestions are...

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