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cold calling

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  1. M

    Cold Emailing Restaurants

    Hi, I have a marketing agency but it is not big so far.( below 2k per month) We target local businesses and sell mainly fb ads. Has anyone experience with cold emailing restaurants? Because I believe that most big companies should be cold emailed and smaller ones should be cold called. I...
  2. MakeItHappen

    EXECUTION Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    The first job of most billionaires was... drum-roll... SALES! Not a big surprise to many I guess. Many very successful people recommend to learn sales as soon as possible, including many on this forum. I have to admit that I didn't spend any time honing my sales skills... mostly to stay...
  3. J

    We have a business idea, what would be the best way to test if idea will work?

    Hi guys! My teammate and I have a startup idea related to IoT, which will be targeted to B2B. We know that we have to execute and test the idea with business straight away, to avoid waste of the time (we know that nowadays everything is about the speed of execution). Unfortunately, we are...
  4. 458

    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    Hitting stride now but still growing fast, 2019 should have us averaging 150k a week, right now i am at 75k per week. I've learned a lot as we have grown, who has questions? Add them below and I'll answer (good questions only). EDIT: SPECIFIC QUESTIONS RELATED TO YOUR OWN STARTUP OR BUSINESS...
  5. Ziad

    EXECUTION Instagram Management: Cold Call my way to 100 clients

    Hey everyone. Most of you know me from my Instagram threads on this forum. I've finally set up a team of my own to be able to handle more clients. I am going to be cold calling 30 businesses every single working day and ask them if they need an Instagram manager. I will be charging $850...
  6. Real Deal Denver

    NOTABLE! Getting Blacklisted for Spam (Cold Email Lead Techniques)

    Has anyone been blacklisted for spam? I am sending out massive marketing emails. Unsolicited. So that makes them spam. But they're not. Anyone ever run up against a brick wall with this? Man, emails are monitored like you wouldn't believe. It's a catch-22. There are companies (MailChimp...
  7. Crazy GG

    EXECUTION 90 Day Cold Calling Challenge

    Hello everyone! I will be making a 90 Day Cold Calling challenge where I will call local businesses for 3 months straight on working days. With this, I hope to change my life so stakes are high... I will be posting updates at the end of each day. P.S.This is inspired by @Vilox legendary post...
  8. A

    5 Phrases That Kill Trust In Sales

    Throughout my career, I've made thousands of sales calls and have had the unique opportunity to train nearly 2 dozen sales professionals (most of which are now millionaires today). I've seen every mistake you can make ... And in my experience, these are the top 5 phrases that kill trust in...
  9. Ryko

    How to sell web redesign to companies that spend money on promotion but have lackluster web?

    I've recently visited a tech fair in my town, out of sheer curiosity (and boredom). By pure chance, I know the guy who runs the venue and he once told me the ballpark figure on booth costs for the weekend etc. This weekend they had exhibitions from companies working in polymers and plastics...
  10. M

    First job. Cold calling. Help?!

    Hey, I remembered this forum from a long time ago and that some of you guys might want to help me out a bit. I just got my first real job while still going to college. I need to call bank's clients and sell them credit cards, actually just make them come to the bank at a specific date and time...
  11. G

    RANT Hubspot just cold-called me.

    Truth be told, I may have been a warm lead since I use one of their products, but I couldn't stop laughing. "You're calling me to sell me on inbound marketing?" The internet is phenomenal for many things, but it can't replace the phone call. I run a LOT of fb ads, it's become my fulltime job...
  12. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @Vilox about Cold Calling & Getting Over Yourself

    AndyTalks with @Vilox about Cold Calling & Getting Over Yourself @Vilox has a great thread where he gets started with cold calling: GOLD - Getting Rid of Cold Calling Anxiety Using Brute Force In this call we have a chat about his experience. For the first half of the call we chat a little...
  13. Echizen

    EXECUTION Let's Beat the Fear of Cold Calling

    Last week, after reading the thread of @Fox and the book "Breaking the time barrier", I was really excited to start creating websites to be financially independent and then be able to start my fastlane projects. As I already created some websites from scratch and I'm not that bad with design...
  14. startinup

    EXECUTION Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Creating this thread to detail my progress in executing on the clever plan laid out by @MJ DeMarco here: (speaking about web development) So what have I done so far? I found a notable company with an outdated, poorly designed site, in a very large industry. I tried to get authorization to...
  15. Stealth Mode

    EXECUTION Building a web dev agency

    Hey guys. A partner and I have been building a web development and service agency. So far, we've had a few contracts and we are looking to grow it into a full scale operation. We're focused on the sales side first since that is the weakness. We believe we can build a commission-based sales team...

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