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cold call

  1. HJP

    Getting leads via Cold Calling?

    I hope this is the right area to ask this, So I have started an online business selling Websites and everything that would encompass (SEO/Logos/Funnels) I'm trying to get sales but I'm struggling at the moment and was wondering if anyone had any know how on how I could improve my progress...
  2. EngineerThis

    First time hiring sales reps, help!

  3. PiotrB

    How to Leave an Effective Voicemail?

    Hey guys! I'm cold calling brick & mortar business owners in the United States. In some cases, I need to leave a voicemail. A simple call-to-action like "call me back" will probably not work because I'm not able to pick up most of the time due to timezone differences and my personal schedule...
  4. PiotrB

    Cold Calling Strategy

    Hello! I'm launching my service business pretty soon and I'll be targetting US-based companies. One of the methods for reaching out to customers that I'm going to use is cold calling. However, I'm not from the US and therefore I don't own any US phone numbers. I've tried using virtual numbers...
  5. Medellin

    Manual Outbound Sales Thread

    Hi all, Inspired by Alex Hormozi, I've decided to dedicate the next few months to focusing on getting good at manual outbound sales. I think the skill of being in control of your sales, instead of depending on your customers coming to you, is a highly valuable and important skill. Ideas: -...
  6. Kalactose

    Nervousness Cold Calling

    Do you guys have any tips to be less anxious when cold calling? In my case, I need to meet people physically which makes it way worse. I've approached about a dozen people and saw success in one out of six people. I thought it would be easier but jeez, the conversation gets so awkward I just...
  7. jb5150

    Cold calling Rehab Clinics, input requested!

    I run a trauma psychotherapy clinic, and I am looking to expand across my state/province. What we do is offer a no fee (free) trauma counselling to anyone who has been involved in a vehicle accident. I am able to provide this due to the fact we have one government funded auto insurance...
  8. Zyanwc

    Documenting My Digital Marketing Agency Journey: Road to $5k/mo

    From the Beginning So I've had a facebook ad agency for just over a year now. I started it (like most people) because as a 17 y/o it seemed like it would be a really easy way to make money. It then turned into a passion and race for mastery because by learning and getting good at online...
  9. Simon Angel

    My Odyssey - Finding Meaning And Achieving Financial Freedom

    Hi, name's Simeon and I'll be documenting my goals, failures and successes in this thread. I come from a lower class family in Bulgaria where money has always been about survival. I was born with a dairy allergy and had my first introduction to willpower at the age of 4. I was in kindergarten...
  10. ProcessPro

    How would you solve this problem?

    My aim: I want to build a Zillow (real estate listing site) for a certain region I have my eyes on. They have lots of real estate companies but not a single place with all the listings. My problem: I'm not sure how I can get the first few clients. I was thinking of @Fox's approach to sell...
  11. Siddhartha

    27 minutes or less: How to cold call prospects while dealing with a dayjob?

    Howdy all, Lately I've been re-engineering myself to create value, and right now in my journey, I have an interesting problem in uncharted waters. I'm working to develop a real web-design business from the ground up. To do this, I'm working on filling my pipeline via prospecting and winning...
  12. MakeItHappen

    Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    The first job of most billionaires was... drum-roll... SALES! Not a big surprise to many I guess. Many very successful people recommend to learn sales as soon as possible, including many on this forum. I have to admit that I didn't spend any time honing my sales skills... mostly to stay...
  13. J

    We have a business idea, what would be the best way to test if idea will work?

    Hi guys! My teammate and I have a startup idea related to IoT, which will be targeted to B2B. We know that we have to execute and test the idea with business straight away, to avoid waste of the time (we know that nowadays everything is about the speed of execution). Unfortunately, we are...
  14. Mr.J

    Starting a web design buisness from nothing.

    Hello all, I'm Mr.J and this is my introduction + progress thread. At the moment I'm trying to start a web design business to provide value to my clients by setting them up with a website that will help their business generate more clients/sales for their businesses. (Thanks @Fox for you're...
  15. AlexLegault

    Cold calling, where's the middle ground?

    I've recently been trying many different cold calling scripts and after calling a bunch of people and doing many tests, I've found a recurring problem. When I call with a very short, generic, non-personalized script (with the intent of getting an appointment) I go through a lot of "no's" but I...
  16. P

    How I get 60% open rates and 40% response rates cold emailing

    I get 60% open rates and 40% response rates on my cold emails, do you? Many people I talk to blast out thousands of unpersonalized emails at a time and then complain that they got no results. Cold email that works should be a conversation, NOT A PITCH. If you pitch in the first email it’s kind...
  17. AlexLegault

    From Fired to Cold Calling

    I figured it was time to give a little update for you guys that have been following me from my last thread (link below) RANT - This Is How Fast Your Boss Can Drop You So long story short, I met with a business owner of a digital marketing/web design start up. We met for an interview and it was...
  18. A

    5 Phrases That Kill Trust In Sales

    Throughout my career, I've made thousands of sales calls and have had the unique opportunity to train nearly 2 dozen sales professionals (most of which are now millionaires today). I've seen every mistake you can make ... And in my experience, these are the top 5 phrases that kill trust in...
  19. M

    First job. Cold calling. Help?!

    Hey, I remembered this forum from a long time ago and that some of you guys might want to help me out a bit. I just got my first real job while still going to college. I need to call bank's clients and sell them credit cards, actually just make them come to the bank at a specific date and time...

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