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blog business

  1. Ela

    Planning to sell my Outdoor Niche Blog

    I am not sure if i can post this or not, but its side hustle i am running from past 1 year. So i am planning to sell this my Outdoor Niche website. This was created as a little side project a year ago and focused on Outdoor Camping, Hunting, Survival & living. All our...
  2. D

    Anyone running a somewhat established/successful blog: What is your blogs main source of income(s)?

    Hello. To elaborate on my question... I used to blog A LOT a long time ago with a few thousand article views per day in the end, it was solely for fun and didn't care about the amount of money I was taking in, it was a mental health blog. I dabbled with affiliate marketing a little bit by...
  3. H

    Questions on starting a Business Blog

    So as I begin executing my business, I've decided that I want to document/build an audience on Youtube and Instagram, but also on a blog. I've never started a blog that wasn't through a social media site so I had a couple of questions I was hoping some of you might know the answer to: 1. The...
  4. thewalkingtemple

    Blog Expertise Needed! How do I get my blog to outperform my medium presence?

    Hey guys, I've been running a science blog (wordpress) for a little over a year now. I have been putting in steady effort into the content (over 200 quality posts this year). The results are mixed; the traffic is poor on the main website. I am currently monetizing the main website only via...
  5. KushShah9492

    Working on my blog, need feedback before going live.

    So, these are some screenshots of my blog that I'm working on. I'd go live once I am done writing at least 10-15 blog posts, and make some decent front-end tweaks. I'm looking for feedback as to what changes can be made to this. Any feedback is welcome.
  6. S

    Thoughts and feedback on 'startup' idea

    Hi TFF First post after my introduction , where i said i've pretty much just been driving down the road of fake action. But after reading a lot of threads on the forum, i realised that after almost a year of trying to come up the perfect business idea/way of helping people, it's alsmost...
  7. lludwig

    AMA: SEO

    I already did one on affiliate marketing, let's try one on SEO. AMA: SEO. My Background: I've been developing websites for 25 years+, and had an affiliate blog for 10 years which 80% of the traffic was from SEO. Starting from zero, I had over 300,000 unique visitors per month. I sold my...
  8. C

    Is this worth my time?

    Hi all, Newcomer here so not sure if this is the right place to post but would appreciate any advice. I own a magic trick blog and have been running it for about a year very passively. In that time it’s built up to around 100 views a day and 30 email subscribers with not many posts. I have...
  9. C

    What to do with my domain name?

    I just bought a pretty good domain. - Ive actually been in the dating niche for many years now(PUA) just never did much with it besides coaching. I need opinions on what you would do with the domain if you had it. Should I make it blog where i give advice and sell courses...
  10. Jon Anthony

    Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    EDIT: Follow my journey thread here: EXECUTION - [Progress Thread] The Blogger's Lifestyle Journey What's up, guys. I just introduced myself about an hour ago, and figured I'd start right off by adding a ton of value upfront. My name's Jon. I've been blogging and running a self-development...
  11. Philip Marlowe

    Yoast SEO - Any Users?

    I've just installed Yoast SEO and I'm not sure how helpful I find it. It seems a bit like a game (I can't win) trying to get my post to perfectly match-up with the stop-light chart. A lot of the pointers are very helpful, but others seem to cram the post with keywords and choppy sentences...
  12. Hozzyj

    Aspiring Fitness Entrepreneur Reporting In!

    Hello! My name is Jordan. I am a project manager, natural bodybuilder and aspiring entrepreneur. I have a fitness website that helps people lose fat and build muscle. It shows the the mindset and systems to accomplish their mission. I’m building the blog as my platform to get my message out to...