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  1. Ramius

    £30k - £50k per month in the B2B sector

    Back story... Waaaay back in 2018 I was desperate to get back on my entrepreneurial path. I had successful online businesses and internet marketing enterprises before, but couldn't scale. It seemed like everything I tried was missing "something", and I could not make anything work, or got hit...
  2. Andy Black

    [Workshop Replay] Selling Google Ads as a Service

    Here's a presentation about how I started and am building a business that provides Google Ads as a service to other businesses. I did it for @Fox 's paid web design group last year and he's kindly allowed me to share it. It should also help people starting other businesses. Let me know what...
  3. Aidan04

    What should a solid b2b website look like?

    After this massive thread that you can read here, I decided that I want to mainly market to gyms themselves. So, what do we think is the best way to go about getting lead generation? Talking to gym owners in person? Online ads? Email marketing? Linkedin? Also, what's a good example of a b2b...
  4. Kaiwentsolo

    My Journey of running a B2B Agency

    So in my last post, which was months back, I mentioned being in a group of other high schoolers with the same mindset of achieving freedom in life through providing value. So one friend and I have started a b2b agency that is focused on helping smaller businesses. I've had to discuss with him...
  5. NMdad

    Need help finding B2B niche forums

    I need to do some problem validation for a B2B market--without doing a bunch of cold emails or cold calls. Ideally, I'd like to find & peruse forums where prospects are actively talking about their day-to-day problems. Reddit is OK for B2C, but not so much for B2B--it seems like most B2B forums...
  6. ajlall

    What is the best way to find prospect emails/phone numbers?

    I'm going to run a B2B business, and I want advice on how to find prospects' emails or phone numbers. Up until now, I've been using the free trial of RocketReach for Linkedin, but not all business owners have Linkedin. For the most part, I target small, local businesses, and I don't want to...
  7. Q

    How to get restaurants to work with me?

    Hi, I am currently working on something similar to the "Tour Saver" for my region. I have trouble's to get restaurants and other businesses to work with me. At the moment, I am trying to communicate with them via telephone and tell them about what I am doing and why they should work with me...
  8. MaximilianT

    Opinions and experiences with Nathan Latka

    Hey fellow fastlaners, I currently need nathan latkas pro plan because I need his database for my SaaS idea. Does anyone else have experience with his database and community, or the pro versions and can give me some insights? Would be very grateful for any opinion in this direction!
  9. PiotrB

    Cold Emails Approach

    Hey guys! I've developed a B2B software product and now comes the sales part. Here are my targeting criteria: - Location: United States - Industry: Window cleaning and appliance repair (These are just examples for the purpose of this post but the actual ones are very similar) - Company Size: 10...
  10. G

    Does anyone have experience with b2b lead gen tools?

    I work in sales for a b2b saas company and we are starting to do some outbound cold calling/cold emailing. At first, it wasn't too difficult to just use google to find companies I want to talk to and then call them. But now we want to up the volume and I am spending way too much time...
  11. K1 Lambo

    The most successful people are the most humble.

    I've been doing B2B lead gen for almost two years now. In the beginning, I remember all these sales gurus online were preaching to aim low and target the low hanging fruit type of clients. The truth is, the big players or the big fish in the marketplace ARE far more open to do business with...
  12. Black_Dragon43

    Secure 15 to 30 Sales Calls for Your Agency or Online Service Business Every Month

    PLEASE CHECK THE FULLY UPDATED LANDING PAGE HERE: What's New? • We've released the product again, this time it has been updated and there is an extra bonus, a workflow that shows you how to take any conversation you start from the beginning to a booked...
  13. trylks

    How to find companies interested in outsourcing AI/ML?

    Context, feel free to skip it, it's mostly me talking to the duck, it is here only because it might be relevant for someone: I see many job offers in LinkedIn that are part of the SCRIPTED lifestyle, but I find it more and more challenging to deal with it. In particular, everything that is not...
  14. P

    B2B cold calling crash course

    View: Cold calling is one of the most powerful tools a salesperson can use. In this video you'll learn how to: Motivate yourself & deal with rejection What to do in the first 30 seconds of your sales call Qualifying leads How to deal with...
  15. Lex Love

    Use Variety in Your B2B Inside Sales (Videos, Hand-Written Letters, etc.)

    B2B selling is becoming more and more complicated and customers are doing more of the sales process on their own than ever before. These folks are becoming increasing resistant to giving their time to yet another pitch, and catching attention early and powerfully is critical to earning an...
  16. Walter Hay

    How I started and built my B2B importing empire

    With concerns growing among forum members regarding the lack of control when selling on Amazon, there has also been an increasing interest in B2B selling, to some extent due to the greater control possible. To help as much as I can, I decided to start this thread, firstly outlining the way I...
  17. Walter Hay

    How I started and built my B2B importing empire

    With concerns growing among forum members regarding the lack of control when selling on Amazon, there has also been an increasing interest in B2B selling, to some extent due to the greater control possible. To help as much as I can, I decided to start this thread, firstly outlining the way I...
  18. J

    Side Hustle as Customer Research

    Hi, I'm currently using my side hustle to research the needs of my customers and to figure out how to build a product from there. My question is: how do I test my product ideas without destroying my side hustle or being consumed by it? Some background info: - I'm 40, a software guy, worked as...
  19. P

    Startup bug - retail b2b

    A self employed ( family business ) individual handling on automotive ancillary manufacturing unit from past 10 years . Looking to startup my own individual company - in e commerce / offline retail in b2b model. Please do share your valuable inputs .
  20. JustKris

    Fresh Start, No More @$#%# Action-Faking!

    What's up Fastlaners, When I first joined this forum 3 years ago, I was all over the place. I wanted to write a novel, make a movie, do a product placement business, and a million other things. And the thread definitely reflected the action-faking and scatter-brained approach. So here's where...