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b2b lead generation

  1. Andy Black

    [Workshop Replay] Selling Google Ads as a Service

    Here's a presentation about how I started and am building a business that provides Google Ads as a service to other businesses. I did it for @Fox 's paid web design group last year and he's kindly allowed me to share it. It should also help people starting other businesses. Let me know what...
  2. Aidan04

    What should a solid b2b website look like?

    After this massive thread that you can read here, I decided that I want to mainly market to gyms themselves. So, what do we think is the best way to go about getting lead generation? Talking to gym owners in person? Online ads? Email marketing? Linkedin? Also, what's a good example of a b2b...
  3. H

    Graphic designer - How do I get my first business client (B2B)?

    I am tired of working for friends and small project. They ask so much and the awards are not that good. I have graphic design skills and I want to get my first business client. What steps should I take to get my first B2B client with 1000,- budget? How much should I charge an hour as an...
  4. G

    Does anyone have experience with b2b lead gen tools?

    I work in sales for a b2b saas company and we are starting to do some outbound cold calling/cold emailing. At first, it wasn't too difficult to just use google to find companies I want to talk to and then call them. But now we want to up the volume and I am spending way too much time...
  5. K1 Lambo

    The most successful people are the most humble.

    I've been doing B2B lead gen for almost two years now. In the beginning, I remember all these sales gurus online were preaching to aim low and target the low hanging fruit type of clients. The truth is, the big players or the big fish in the marketplace ARE far more open to do business with...
  6. Black_Dragon43

    Secure 15 to 30 Sales Calls for Your Agency or Online Service Business Every Month

    PLEASE CHECK THE FULLY UPDATED LANDING PAGE HERE: What's New? • We've released the product again, this time it has been updated and there is an extra bonus, a workflow that shows you how to take any conversation you start from the beginning to a booked...
  7. M

    Hi, Glad to be a part of this forum

    Hi I would like pose the following question. " What are the pain points for a B2B CEO/Executive in the current climate and what would be the solution to their pain?"
  8. JustKris

    7 quick tips to generating B2B leads with webinars

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm a marketing consultant for B2B technology companies (mostly SaaS). With the recent coronavirus craziness, there's been a huge uptick in requests for done-for-you webinar campaigns. If you've seen a disruption in your sales process, you should definitely consider adding...
  9. P

    B2B cold calling crash course

    View: Cold calling is one of the most powerful tools a salesperson can use. In this video you'll learn how to: Motivate yourself & deal with rejection What to do in the first 30 seconds of your sales call Qualifying leads How to deal with...
  10. J

    Side Hustle as Customer Research

    Hi, I'm currently using my side hustle to research the needs of my customers and to figure out how to build a product from there. My question is: how do I test my product ideas without destroying my side hustle or being consumed by it? Some background info: - I'm 40, a software guy, worked as...
  11. LexL

    Rate My Concept/Idea

    It is nothing new but I have not seen anyone in my country doing anything similar. The idea is B2B lead generation for microfinance institutions through cold calling. I identify some businesses which are most likely to take/need loans. I gather their numbers and call them to find out about...
  12. JustKris

    Creating profitable B2B webinars for INC 5000 companies...AMA

    What up, Fastlaners. I've gotten a ton of value from this forum over the years, especially from the awesome AMA threads by @SinisterLex and others. So this is a small opportunity to give back. What do I know about webinars? I'm not some guru or anything. I learned about creating webinars at my...
  13. P

    Startup bug - retail b2b

    A self employed ( family business ) individual handling on automotive ancillary manufacturing unit from past 10 years . Looking to startup my own individual company - in e commerce / offline retail in b2b model. Please do share your valuable inputs .