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  1. SkipTheEnd

    RANT Amazon FBA is dead?

    Ok well sorry for the title :) I'm sure FBA is far from dead and some are making killing on it. However I can't seem to figure out what is going on , everyone is using same research tools (JS) , having access to same suppliers (alibaba) , so its safe to say there are thousands over thousands...
  2. G

    Is Amazon FBA a viable side business to pursue?

    Hey The Millionaire fastlane was one of my first personal development books, absolutely loved it. What a book to start with! I am young and just beginning my journey as an entrepreneur. Wondering if anyone can give some advice on amazon FBA? Is this a worthy venture to pursue? It seems...
  3. bonjourdaisy

    FBA Freight Forwarder -

    Hello, I just wanted to pass on my experience with ordering from a Chinese FBA freight forwarder. I found a company called Forest Shipping that just recently started freight forwarding to I've had some bad luck with other freight forwarders in the past but I decided to give them...
  4. Catalin

    INTRO I'm 18 years old. This is my journey and future plan.

    Hey, everyone! :) I'm currently half-way through the book and I have to say it's amazing. I'm reading at a slow pace mostly because I have to stop and translate some words from time to time, and also because I want to apply on the spot what I learn. I had a problem with action-faking and...
  5. RisingStars

    How do I turn my product into a REAL brand?

    Dear fellow Fastlaners, I would like to keep the introduction as short as possible basically I started into self-employment right out of high school. Always did some part side hustles on the side while in school so it made sense to me to skip college and focus on my own ventures. Thanks, @MJ...
  6. constantino96

    RANT Best niche to start an FBA Business ? (Beauty, Premium Beauty)

    Hey my name is Konstantin, coming from germany and I´m 21 y/o. Already running my own online shop and ebay shop since a couple months in the sneaker niche. Now I am planning to start with Amazon FBA. I had thought about starting out with an product in the beauty category or premium beauty...
  7. Jmadd95OE

    NOTABLE! 22 year old in college with a million dollar business. Ask me anything!

    Hey everyone, Happy to join this amazing forum. I wanted to introduce myself by answering any of your Amazon FBA/Vendor, Facebook Ads, Instagram, or Ecommerce Questions. Introduction: I'm a 22 year old about to graduate from College with a million dollar business. I spend about 60 hours/...
  8. Studious Nomad

    About to start my first SAAS and I need Amazon Sellers to make it work

    So, I have a great idea that I think would solve a lot of problems for people launching products to amazon. As the market has become saturated with Aliexpress/Alibaba/Ebay items, I want to create a service geared towards those amazon importers that are currently branding and releasing new...
  9. AnAverageJoe

    EXECUTION Throwing my backpack over the fence. My AMZ FBA/Private Label Progress Thread.

    About two months ago I somehow stumbled across this forum and I don’t even remember how. But that lead me to discover the book and the free chapters that are available to download. Then that got me to purchase the audio-book and sign up for an account on the forums and post my introduction...

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