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yes i am new and please teach me

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New Contributor
Dec 1, 2018

First and foremost is that I am very thankful for discovering the book 'The Millionaire Fastlane ' [ Thanks MJ :)]. Like most people in here, i came here to seek advice from a diverse like-minded people all around the world to help me change my mindset and to also learn new things as i am very VERY curious about the fastlane's impact on other people's lives. I also was inspired by this glorious book which was an eye opener and answered some of the questions i had before i even discovered this sexy and appealing book, which I am hugely grateful for. Now enough with the mediocre chatter and strap in!

Somethings about myself:
  1. Currently 16
  2. lives in uk (no hate pls)
  3. average at everything (except for asking too much question)
  4. Passionate about making a company to employ people and to make a name for the world to see.
  5. Plans to be an apprentice in a big company (Unilever) rather than going to college.
  6. likes books (especially the millionaire fastlane )
  7. watched The Wolf of Wallstreet with my Grandpa when i was 9 :).

Before the bang
Like any other sob past stories- "my family was poor", "i didn't have a dad/mom", "i am depressed", " I am worthless" and such and such happened to me before,but I DON'T WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL SORRY FOR ME and you will get bored with the same ol' jabbers, so let me just get to the point and summarise my past:

Yes, that's my life before. Family was poor? moved on and be happy. No Dad or Mom to teach me stuff? i kept moving forward and becoming independent. Depressed and having the ' I'm worthless' mentality? i kept moving forward and changed my mind how to work.
I kept moving on and on and on, and i am grateful for that (thanks me xx). Got some of my life back together with my mom in the city of London which more challenges have prevailed themselves to me. HOWEVER, THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE for me is: finding a suitable career for my future and being happy with it .
During my time in (south) London, making money is rather difficult for the working classes as you work the 9-5 job and renting a suitable flat (apartment) is rather expensive. Raising a kid while doing a 9-5 job makes that kid somehow isolated from the parent's love and support as they work mondays to fridays and often with overtime so that we could pay the rent and have decent food on the table. My mom's job is decent (working with Nation Health Service as a nurse) and making decent amount of money but she's always tired from work and when I saw her being frustrated with the taxes and rent, i wondered if there was a better paying job so that the rent and taxes weren't a problem. Then it hit me- what if i persue my love of science and make a career out of it?!. I was full of hope and dreams that I can become a scientist and make a lot of money. So i researched countless of days ( i was still 14-15 this time) to search for that suitable career goal. Then it hit me again like a bat, if i had a job like this, would it really make me happy and rich? or tired and rich? then i ignored it and kept moving on. I studied hard and asked questions about the careers in science and researched specific people. The younger dumb old me believed in those 'DO WHAT YOU LOVE" gurus as i was desperate at this point. No luck, the end of highschool is getting nearer and still no career goal. My friends wanting to be engineers, artists, biotechnicians, IT managers and stuff like those made me envious. I still looked for the science careers and studied more but as i studied more, the more i dislike science and see it as another distasteful job like any others. (evident from chapter 32 when i read it).
As i browsed youtube for careers and goals, i stumbled upon business and leadership. I took interest in Business before but I am passionate about leading others into success- that one video pushed the first domino into something drastic. I am moved on.

It was a dominoe effect which lead me to read THE MILLIONAIRE FASTLANE . First it was a youtube video about making money and how people make money. Some were gurus and some were motivational speakers. And one video lead me to the summarisation of RICH DAD, POOR DAD . I was conviced at this point that i should build a business, so i went to AMAZON and searched for the book RICH DAD, POOR DAD. I looked at the reviews and most of them were positive but then, a spark turned into flame when a review said to check out THE MILLIONAIRE FASTLANE as it was more eye opening and brutally honest on how to make BIG, not good, BUT HUGE MONEY. I was curious about it and started to check it out and read the description. I was making a choice which one to buy and i bought THE MILLIONAIRE FASTLANE because im more convinced about the description and the other book looked like it was just another guru trying to tell me to 'DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND MAKE A HELL LOT OF MONEY OUT OF IT' but i also thought it with the Millionaire Fastlane book as it had a suspicious name infront of it and sounds like another guru itself. But the upside is that the author's face is not on the front cover which convinced me because it is not trying to advertise the author but advertising the content itself. Im lucky to choose that option and NOW im considering myself to become an entrepreneur ( hard to spell) and to follow the Fastlane. This book also encouraged my curiousity to buy other books such as 'Way of the wolf by Jordan Belfort' and Robert Greeene's book such as the the 48 laws of Power. The book encouraged me to think more like a producer and a marketer. The book encouraged me to think more in business terms and to change other things in my life which actually made even more sense and made me happier. i don't love business but im passionate about leadership and solving problems ;and money was actually out of my mind when i kept reading MJ DeMARCO'S book as it showed me how it actually works in the real world.
Now i have a plan when i finish school, i will go to the apprentice route to absorb all the knowledge and skill needed to manage a team and a company and not from a book with test in Friday next week. Then i can apply that to build my own company and be great(er) like MJ DeMarco (want to meet up someday for a pint of guiness yea?) .
Thank you so much and im currently typing 1 o'clock in the morning

(also if there are mistakes in my grammar and spellings, please do forgive me as english is my third language and currently drunk with apple cider) *sips* refreshing ;)
@MJ DeMarco

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George Appiah

Silver Contributor
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Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
Hello @Eco,

Welcome to the Fastlane forum, and thanks for taking the time to let the community know a bit about you.

The amazing thing for you is that you're still so young and have the gift of time on your side to make many mistakes and discover yourself in the process.

Stay the course, keep learning, and remember... you'll only reap from this community a multiple of what you put in.


Be the Change that you want to see in this world
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Sep 30, 2018
Canberra, Australia
Hey Eco,
Welcome Aboard,
As George already mentioned, Time is on your side - as you are young.
However, time will fly, if you are not careful (sharing by experience).

I would recommend, to start observe how you can help people by solving their painful problem. More problem you solve and bigger the problem you solve, will lead to your riches. Focus on honing the skills you would need to solve problem(s).
Wish you all the best.


Legendary Contributor
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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to the forum. I like that you plan on doing an apprenticeship. Many of the younger folks we get around here want to skip the phase of being an employee, and go straight to being the boss. I think it really short changes the process, and takes an exceptional individual to pull off.
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Silver Contributor
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Nov 29, 2017
New Jersey
Currently 16

watched The Wolf of Wallstreet with my Grandpa when i was 9

Damn you saw a 2013 movie in 2011

You and your grandpa are time travelers?

edit: There is a Wolf of Wall Street from 1929... this makes sense with the whole "grandpa" thing.

Maybe his gramps is real old.

Maybe I should get back to work...

MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Welcome @Eco and thanks for the run down on how you found TMF .

16 is never too young to start the hustle, just enjoy the ride and don't forget to love your youth!


Bronze Contributor
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Oct 22, 2018
London, UK
Welcome Eco. I too am from UK with experience of apprenticeships in a big company in London. Feel free to drop me a message if I can help your journey.
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New Contributor
Dec 1, 2018
Welcome Eco. I too am from UK with experience of apprenticeships in a big company in London. Feel free to drop me a message if I can help your journey.
I am relieved that someone here is from the UK and DID AN APPRENTICESHIP ASWELL!! So if you don't mind answering my questions-

1) what skills do you need to work in a company?
2) is apprenticeship harder or easier than BTEC or A-levels (i'm currently in year 11)
3) any tips to thrive in the work place? (Like how do you manage difficult people or situations)
4) is apprenticeship worth it?
5) interviewing tips?
6) what was your first experience in being an apprentice?
7) do you like your martini stirred or shaken?

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