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Bronze Contributor
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Oct 3, 2007
Who's this for?

If you have domains that aren't marinating, need autoblogs setup without the hastle, or you have a blog that simply needs a makeover, this is for you.

Service and what you can expect:


Wordpress install- standard removal of hello, links, default cat, permalinks, etc... (unless otherwise specified. Note, /%postname%/ is standard)

Plugins configured-

All in one
Super Cache
Rss Footer

Optional: (cystats, counterizeII, statpress) rss footer, rss include pages, seo image, super comments, smart 404, minify, seo links, YARP, channai central, sabre, global trans, simple tags, or spam free anti spam

Pages created- Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy, and About, if summary supplied

Look & Feel

A premium theme is included. Dev licenses on hand, so no worries about warez themes or injected js.

You may choose any Genesis child theme from Studiopress (up to the Agentpress release), as well as select themes from Ithemes or Woothemes. A list will be made, but until then please inquire individually. (if you have something in mind just ask... our theme rolodex is mighty deep)


Three unique articles will be written around your main tails.


4 days or less, or your money back, you keep the theme/install/works.


Above par

2 discounted paid review copies @ $35 for fastlaners with 500+ post count and over 70mph.

All reviews due within 48 hours of completion

All orders thereafter $65

Pricing guaranteed for the first 7 orders.

Service is limited and the thread will reflect current status.

PM with email for direct payment or Paypal invoice.

Special deals:

Those who order a paid review and continue ordering, or those who order once per week lock in a discounted rate of $50.

Extensive experience with many autoblogging plugins is at your fingertips... take advantage of eliminating the tedious task of setup for an extra $25 per plugin.

This includes WProbot, A2p, WPTB, Phpbay, Phpzon, WPzonbuilder, and more. (aff id, keys, etc... required. Excludes WPTB ad setup, as it is still buggy and WFreview and the like)

Limited to five campaigns, or automations in the case of a2p. (not responsible for hosting compatibility issues if unix cron requested. You should test/verify compatibility before ordering)

If you need a mini mashup (i.e. wptb with phpbay in the post template) just ask, plenty of experience with almost every combination imaginable.

:banana::banana:Fastlane Exclusives::banana::banana: *** more coming also

  • Hosting- $9.95 per mo as an add on to this service only. All accounts hosted on premium vps at minimum, no lagging shared hosting here. Autoblogging compatibility guaranteed. Multiple unix crons for auto updating without failure guaranteed. (please, if you see a similar promo elsewhere, hosting is ONLY for fastlaners)
  • Bulk pricing breaks- this includes multiple plugin setup, buy one get one free.
  • Service Requests- need something you don't see, feel free to ask.

Required (once order is placed)

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Domain
  4. Ftp or cpanel login if wp not installed
  5. Optional plugin selections
  6. Email for contact form
  7. Theme selection
  8. Targeted kw's
  9. Additional plugin installations or requests


Customization for this price range.

Stand alone plugin installs for the same add on price.

* If there's interest, plugin licenses will be included for things such as Wprobot so you won't need to buy them separately, sign up, download, fwd, etc... This would put the package price around the 100 dollarish range, but save you some time and some aggravation. If this is attractive to you, please indicate that in the thread and I'll make it happen.

** Have an idea for an additional service that would make your day easier? Anything you'd like to see added/changed, please mention straight away, even if off topic. Constructive criticism welcome, right here in the thread.

*** I'm revamping a service company and will have a few new packages available shortly. This will include a Pro Image package, and a Corp Package.

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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 3, 2007
Ok, both reviews taken. :tiphat:

I must apologize, this was not super informative, and I will create a sales thread when I have the time. To explain a bit more, many of us go on domain buying sprees, have lagging projects because we're busy, or just want to build affiliate blogs but can't seem to find the time. If any of this sounds familiar, you will benefit from this service.

If you are building a portfolio of domains and their just sitting, development and value potential is being lost. Just by having a website built gives the search engines something to index and create a history for. In a few months, or even years, you can really turn up the heat on link building and marketing as there's already some age there.

The same goes for selling a web property. In a typical scenario, a vacant domain is worth less to a prospective buyer than one that at least has some content and a great look to it. Considering you're getting a premium theme alone (valued at $70.00) it is a no brainer for that purpose. Factor in the on site turnkey seo and plugins, and you've won the mini power ball.

Last, but most certainly not least, is where the most valuable part of this service lies. If you want an affiliate site, or an auto updating site for any purpose, very often the setup and configuration is a pain in the neck. For $25 dollars extra, you can save yourself the headache of things like:

  • setting up cron jobs (to make the site run automatically)
  • building keyword campaigns for products and content that will publish to your website
  • or configuring plugins and themes that require core code files to be modified will like this service.

Once again, I will be more informative in the future, and will also put together a list and description of the most popular autoblogging plugins, and the ones I recommend and use personally. I've also opened negotiations to sublease licenses from an existing plugin developer. This will allow you to receive an all inclusive turnkey package in the near future.

85 views and no questions. If anyone has any questions, please fire away in the thread.:thumbsup:


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 3, 2007
Service Update:

Additional package now available-

For $97, you get everything mentioned above, plus a complete autoblog setup for Amazon, including a single site license of WPzonbuilder.

This includes:

* Wordpress installation & setup ($13)

- Proper config, as mentioned above
- Top performing plugins, plus your requests

* Premium Theme ($70)

- Any Studipress Theme
- Most any Itheme or Wootheme
- Your pick

* WPZonbuilder ($69)

- Authentic WPZonbuilder license, no warez stuff here... good for life!
- WPZonbuilder installation and configuration
- Your blog drip fed for a YEAR!!!
- Related products and accessories in the sidebar if you'd like, dynamically generated so they don't get stale
- Masked urls

Normally $139.00 JUST for the tools, you pay only $97 for a turn key package!

Amount of time and hassle you'll save from doing this work yourself:


1 Review for a mod or extremely high post/rep speed for $65.

-review due within 48 hours

Additional details needed upon ordering:

1. Associate id
2. AWS key
3. Secret key
4. Program country

Service status Update-

Availability limited to 2 orders.


Legendary Contributor
Summit Attendee
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Jul 25, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ
I want to purchase one of these but I don't have a domain in mind yet. :)


Gold Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Oct 31, 2007
Edmonton, Canada
I ordered this service for 2 main reasons:

1. I'm too lazy to get some of my unused domains into an active state (meaning that they have some content on them, are indexed in Google begin to attract visitors).

2. Because I know that Mtnman is good at this stuff and wanted to learn what his setups would look like (I've done my own autoblogs before, but never had much success with them).

Earlier today my site was finished - take a look: Outdoor Camping Gear

So in compliance with my contractual obligations ;) here's my review of Mtnman's blog setup offer:

Turnaround time - less than 36 hours
Communication - excellent, everything that was in doubt got clarified before preceding.
3 related articles posted to site (looks like they are from Ezine)
Professional looking theme that I would have been too cheap to pay extra for on my own
Plugins - better than I would have done on my own

Amount of work done by me to get a pretty nice site launched = ZERO

Expected Profit = $1 a day... if I had paid the normal price of $65 (I think, dude's exact offerings are a little unclear to me) that would be $300 profit per year.

Knowing that I have quite a bit of experience probably made me the worst possible client, but there was no issues or difficulties... except for the ones I created. The poor guy had to debug 3 separate issues with my hosting account. For a minute or two I almost felt guilty for the deal I was getting, luckily it passed before I sent him some extra cash :smx2:

To make this service a complete hand's off service for people like me that would like to monetize unused domains, it would be great to see some kind of basic link building package offered at an extra cost. In order for my site to get to my target of $1 per day, it will probably take at least a simple link building campaign.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the setup. I believe it will not only provide positive return on the cost, but when I am ready to develop the site further, either into an ecom site or more high quality affiliate store, it will have many pages indexed, search engine age and getting high rankings will be so much easier.


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 3, 2007
Service Update:

First two posts can not be edited (privilege appears to have been revoked), or I would have made adjustments to save people from reading all of that. If a mod happens to see this, feel free to overwrite the OP with this post to avoid wasting people's time.

Thank you to all of you who ordered reviews and subsequent packages! :thankyousign:

Basic packages are sold out!*

*those who have already begun PM/email correspondence, your packages and pricing will be honored even if you have not gotten back with me yet.

The only remaining package is the Amazon Autoblog package, that comes with a Premium theme, WPzonbuilder, and setup/configuration for $97.

Coming soon is a Pro Image package and a Corp package.

What is it, and who's it for? Very often you open an LLC or what have you, but never get around to throwing a decent site up to make yourself appear professional. Same goes for your personal image, which both of the below will help you with.

When available... (all sites run on wordpress for easy owner editing, and can choose from the same theme array)

Corp Package- A basic corporate/business website. Inlcudes simple logo image, on site optimization (seo), and setup/configuration of a blog for company updates if you'd like.

Pro Image Package- Same as above, but more geared toward a professional personal image. Maybe you're a service professional, such as a real estate agent or what have you, and looking to get your new business off the ground. When pitching and interacting with business associates, it helps to have a professional looking personal blog/website.

Theme suggestions-​

Price range will likely be in the $199 range. Contact for availability.


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 3, 2007
Service Update:

Wpzonbuilder autoblog package has been terminated permanently due to licensing conflict. Autoblog service is temporarily suspended until a suitable replacement is found. (more than likely WP Robot - Premium Wordpress Autoposting Plugin for those interested)

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