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Who do I need to find?

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Jan 17, 2023
Hello everyone, looking for someone who has experience with sales process and could help me find the last missing piece of the puzzle.
Not to make this an essay I'll just lay down the important facts:

- I have spent 100% of my time these past 5 years creating an online service
- Prices range from 300$ (95%~ of customers) to 1.5k$/month - it is subscription based.
- 400~ customers today
- 7k$~ monthly expenses + 15k$~ on ads for new client acquisition
- My cut is 0$
- Somehow I managed to get swindled by the company that we had a verbal agreement to split 50/50, my product and they do the client onboarding, support and (stupidly of me) - the payments, we are now stuck in this situation, where I own everything and nothing at the same time, with promises of more investments for bigger growth.
- Obviously I started doing this myself, although looking after the whole tech side of things and dealing with customers is not easy, especially closing leads because English is not my first language.

The issue:
I no longer want to partner with someone, I need someone to close the leads and do the support part. I get 10-30 interested leads daily, but was able to sign up only 6 myself. Wasting time on meetings that lead nowhere because I am too sincere to be a good salesman (and obviously sketchy non-American).

Who do I actually need to hire? Is it a 'sales rep', a 'closer', an 'account manager' or freaking 'sales engineer'
And most importantly what are the industry standards in this field, are they strictly commission based, do I give them a cut every month after they close the deal, what %% is normal for English speakers, and where do you find these people?

Appreciate all the insights, I'll take all the information you guys can give about how these things work in the real world.
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Sounds like you need a legal plan and a lawyer, not a business strategy.


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May 13, 2024
You can work on percentage way.also deal it by yourself .and make agreement which will work for everyone. also find trustworthy party which is capable in your work idea. be care full because nowadays a lot of scammer all over the market place.

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