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OFF-TOPIC What if Google made a free database to kill Oracle?


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Mar 3, 2013
I was thinking about Google making their own mobile OS ("Fuschia") and their own language ("Dart/Flutter") to run on it. I don't know much about Fuschia, but apparently Dart/Flutter will be used on it to get away from Oracle's many lawsuits over Java.

In 2016: "Google wins six-year legal battle with Oracle over Android code copyright"
In 2017: "Oracle vs Google: Just as you thought Java-Android row was over, it all kicks off again"

Google has a Cloud Database that seems to be a wrapper around MySQL (also controlled by Oracle), though they are adding support for PostgreSQL.

As Google moves away from Oracle-controlled technology, what if they decided to take some of their Google Ventures money ($2B under management, $300M invested annually), and make a free open-source enterprise-class database to compete with Oracle's flagship database? Just to F*ck Oracle.

Oracle isn't going to get in to web-search, tablets, mobile-phones, web-browsers, and advertising. Oracle is as expensive as ever, and so as vulnerable as ever. Some large companies, and all Oracle DBAs, try to limit MySQL/PostgreSQL adoption. No one would question whether Google would be around to support/maintain a database. Especially if Google used it as the default backend on their Cloud Server Database.

I don't know if it is worth Google's time to screw with Oracle, it would be a money losing venture that might not accomplish anything. It would remind me of Microsoft giving away Internet Explorer to put Netscape out of business. As long as the database was open-source, and didn't "phone home" for any reason, a lot of companies would probably use it over MySQL/PostgreSQL. They might even use it over Oracle.

Google wins six-year legal battle with Oracle over Android code copyright
Oracle vs Google: Just as you thought Java-Android row was over, it all kicks off again | ZDNet
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