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Trying to get my website to NOT feel like a scam - help?


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Oct 29, 2007
Edmond, Oklahoma
Site is a bit messy. I have too many choices to click on.

How about setting up a funnel instead?

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Quantum Fome

Quantum Fome

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Feb 12, 2019
Often times businesses or people who are giving "advice" on websites are just going off of looks. There are some great methodologies to driving action. having the CTAs in the right place, the God Spot being purposeful, a funnel / landing page setup that gives and in return receives. If you'd like to chat more, send me a message and we can connect. It looks good. But effectiveness is much different :)
Message sent.

GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization to analyze and fix your loading speed. Look at what it finds wrong with your site and Google how to fix the problems if you don't know how.
I'll be using this tool in the future. Thank you!
The most important thing. The thing that needs to get fixed before he even thinks about anything else.

You're right, it absolutely can. That's the reason you split test. Incredibly minor adjustments like this are huge deals for Apple and Tesla and McDonalds and Amazon. These companies will sell regardless of font, but you split test fonts because it means potentially millions in additional revenue. I'm confident each of these companies have launched a product or marketing campaign which failed miserably. And you know what they didn't do? Change the font. They scrapped the campaign and started from scratch, or at the very least, changed direction in a monumental fashion.

If a new sports car gets 3 mpg and it doesn't sell, you don't upgrade the valve stems. You first fix the fuel consumption issue. Then once you have a car people buy, you mess around with stuff like valve stems to inch your way up.

If I'm selling cookies made with cat food and chocolate chip, I don't start by adding more chocolate chips. I start by scrapping the recipe and starting over. Then once I have a palatable cookie, I test adding more chocolate chips.

And honestly, the only reason I even said anything in the first place is because I envisioned this person making all these tiny changes because they're easy and he feels like he's accomplishing something, but the site remains scammy because he didn't tackle the most important one.
If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's probably a SCAM! Seriously though, thanks for the input.
Where does one start. There is so much clutter and non-sensible info going on. I would suggest just taking a screenshot and framing it, then hang it in the outhouse. Give someone a giggle, while their taking a ****.

I added two screen shots, that outline just "a couple" of errors. The first is the header, with your private email in the tab. Not professional. The second is your web is hosted with mysite. How do I know, all I had to do was hover my mouse over the email at the bottom of the page and the "suss" info pops up. Confusing and making people go "whoa" hang on a bit.

Alarm bells would ring "Scam Alert 101"

My best advice, would be visit some finance or mortgage websites, look at their layout, see what works for them. Have a look at Intracorp.
Oh wow, I didn't even realize that. I will look into those sites as well.

So to sum up... the site needs to be burned to the ground and completely rethought and rebuilt. Something worthy of proper grammar. I'll post an update once I can get it all fixed.

Thanks everybody for your brutality. I truly appreciate it.


Apr 7, 2013
New York
I like that you have linkedIn profile, it ads credibility. It is also good that you have a physical address. I would recommend to add reviews from customers. Another thing is to add links to articles published by you on social media websites.

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