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INTRO Time to Introduce Myself!

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jun 24, 2015
First of all.. thank you MJ. Although you don’t know me, through your book you are one of the most influential people in my life.

I first read TMF when I was 19 and still in school. A friend gave it to me and it changed my whole perspective on the economic world. My friend and I started flipping items like videogames and calculators and we made the first money on ourselves. I also created an ebook in self help and sold it around 70 times. No big money, but I remember when I sold the first copy on kdp and it totally flashed me.

Then I graduated from school and.. was too afraid on actually going into the Fastlane. I made an apprenticeship as a salesman on a German premium car brand but soon realized that this is not a route to success. I remember when my supervisor showed me his paycheck about 1.800€ and thought he was a big fish, told me I can reach that as well. I was like.. “1.8k. Are you f*ckn serious??”. 3 weeks later I left the company.

First I had no idea what to do with my life and tried many different things like being a Teacher, working for a big travel company, going to University and so on, but there was always a reason not to do these things for life: Limitations

I got really frustrated about the failures, but the real FTE was at the lowest point in my life. It was New Years Eve 2019/2020 and I had no real job, no money, no plan and lived with my girlfriend on the attic of her parents. I felt like I’ll never reach anything in life. But I made a decision.

I decided to not going to University, not going for a regular life and finally started to believe in myself to join the entrepreneurial route. And because I didn’t give a f*ck at this point anyway, I shaved my head to make the commitment that I no longer try to be normal.

From this point, my life turned. First steps where selling my Xbox and Nintendo and I decided to get a job so I can leave the damn attic.
I got a job as a driver for beverages and worked around 180 hours/month. I hated it but it was also nice because for the vast majority I was on the streets with no boss around me, listened to podcasts and audiobooks. I also got around 30% of the paycheck extra in tips from the people I served. (Highly recommended entry lvl job!)

When I came home I took 2 hours every evening to read about business and psychology and learned English. On the weekends, I flipped more expensive stuff like iPhones, projectors and Playstations to make some extra cash. I repeated this process for 8 months and finally had enough money to move into a 2 bedroom apartment.

Then my friend from school looked for someone to hire. Considering his age he is a beast of an entrepreneur and while I struggled in life, he build an E-commerce business making midsize five figures in revenue to this point. I got the job from him and because we were only 2 people in this company, I learned everything about this E-Commerce, from logistics and sourcing to sales, Seo and customer support. This also was my first location independent job and I enjoyed this freedom from the beginning. We also did really well when the pandemic came and increased the revenue many times over.

Now I feel in the best position to start my own path. I have 6 months+ of living costs in savings, live pretty well but on low costs and have a good amount of real world experience. I decided 1 month ago to learn graphic design as an own skill because I think I can add this useful to my current skillset and I think basic SEO + Graphic Design are core online skills. Actual steps are to raise my skillset so I can build some capital, then I’ll decide if I build an own business in E-Commerce or SaaS.

I’m here to make new friends, learn from your experience and help where I can.



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MJ DeMarco

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Great intro Seba, welcome aboard my friend.

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