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TIME and Commute

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Eric F

New Contributor
Mar 24, 2018
Interesting point I tried to make to a fellow entrepreneur the other day .

Just a quick background for context of this post, I have my own business and I deliberately chose an office that is a little more expensive (maybe saving $150 a month) but 3-5 minutes driving time from my home

I often hear "yeah it takes me about 30 minutes to get to my office" which is often responded to by saying "Yeah thats not to bad". i tried to debunk this theory and show how "bad" it is. consider this option A

Option B- Imagine you can get an office 10 minutes from your house.

The total travel time in option A is an hour a day (not even counting possible traffic delays)

By choosing option B and making it now a 20 minute total commute you save 40 minutes a day.

40 minutes x 5 days a week x 50 weeks (assuming you take 2 weeks vacation)= 10,000 minutes aka 166 hours aka 4 extra 40 hour work weeks.

If you were to tell someone they can have 4 weeks off instead of saving $150 *12 who wouldn't take that? Obviously the $150 savings is the factor but I am finding out it generally is not too different for small 1-3 employee type offices.

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Jun 12, 2015
Vancouver, Canada
You make some great points here.

I currently have a 30-45 minute commute depending on the time of travel and traffic circumstances.

My one way to circumvent the drag of commuting as a shift worker is to listen to audiobooks or podcasts both to and from work. That is been a big game changer, but it still does not compare to having a five-minute commute to and from work.

Great insight @Eric F, thank you!


Bronze Contributor
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Jul 4, 2014
Warsaw, Poland
I used to work as a salesperson and later as a mid / senior manager for different companies. My personal approach to the commute issue was always the same. I was usually coming to the office earlier than morning rush hour (usually at 7:40-8:00) and scheduled all my external meetings at the end of the business day, to avoid coming back to the office right before the afternoon rush hour and head straight home from those meetings.
It was not always possible to cut the afternoon traffic, but on those days I usually spent more time in the office in the afternoon to avoid the craziest congestion and get some work done instead of sitting in traffic.
It had additional benefit of me being very productive during those 60-90 minutes before the office became crowded. No "corporate-drive-by" as there was no one else in the office... ;)


Silver Contributor
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Dec 3, 2015
Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Commuting time is bad, I have had periods up to 4 hours of commuting however that being said if you know how to use that time wisely it can even become an advantage.

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