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EXECUTION The Walk To Location Independence

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New Contributor
Jul 3, 2018
Not going to bore you with me but just some things before starting the execution thread:

>Read Fastlane 3 years ago
>Read Unscripted 1 1/2 years ago
>Currently 22 y/o
>Graduated Uni while doing B2C sales for two years at an investment company
>Moved out on my own two years ago when started working
>Now left job & Graduated Uni (real estate management)
>based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Target: Start consistently making $2000+ USD per month in the next six months working from my computer.

Current situation:
Closed the CEO of a company to hire me as a freelance sales rep(B2B)
So far no sales and it's a bit of a struggle with the lead gen.

Of course no base, only 30% commission on the closed deal.
1 Sale = between $150 - $300 USD.
Which means I need between ~7-14 closed deal to reach my goal with the $2K.

For a couple of reasons, I don't feel like I can achieve that number with that project.

That's exactly the reason why I am currently applying and searching for remote jobs.

For the next couple of days, I need to apply in a bunch of remote positions and/or learning new skills.

Looking forward to your advice or critiques.

And lets the Execution begin:

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Silver Contributor
Speedway Pass
Mar 1, 2016
Hello @BobbyLHS !
It seems to be your first post so welcome to forum :)

As you probably know, doing sales is looked up on this forum as a very good skill to have.

Since most of us are looking for a fastlane, i'd advise you to do the same while you doing the sales job:
listen to problems of the CEO you mentioned, listen to problems of people you sell to.

Maybe note them down somewhere for later reference.

You don't need to have solution for those problems right off the bat.
But maybe in the future you will find them.
Then you could go fastlane :)

So good luck on your journey!


New Contributor
Jul 3, 2018
Thanks, @Kid!

Yep, probably one of the biggest reasons I got in sales in the first place was this forum and similar companies.

Actually today I made my first sale. Ring Ring w/ $150 USD.

I applied for a couple of remote jobs but probably I should be more active there. Really the sales don't take much of my time.

The other route I am thinking of taking is getting e-mail marketing clients from Upwork since I've done that before.

The last one is just double down on the sales for this company because... well it actually brought some cash so I can just replicate it and do it better.

For me, it makes sense to choose that last one and focus on building my Linkedin(that's where we are doing the whole process).

I am thinking of writing some articles for Linkedin to boost my profile for when the prospects open it and for my profile's SEO.
This will probably give me some authority and help out.

For everyone interested in LinkedIn sales and business let me share two articles with you(as well to keep them for myself):

Another thing is I am in the sales group of Traffic and Funnels which going through so much training I think are the best one so far especially for the b2b agency type of selling.

For what is rest of today:
:greenx:Watch Training until the rest of the day
:greenx:Read some articles on Linkedin
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Jul 3, 2018
It's been a couple of days and I haven't posted.

Finished with the sales job. I didn't saw much potential in the way they were doing it even though the CEO was this super cool guy.

I believe the same service can be done purely by me with a way better delivery.

In the last couple of days I was on Upwork.

Got today two small projects for a couple of bucks but they unlocked my profile and paid for Upwork premium - $15USD, basically half of what I made. The two projects total took me about an hour and a half. The hard thing is to write the messages.

Anyways now my profile looks good.

I will focus so far there but I am expecting an answer from another company for a sales position.

Basically the target of location independence and 2kUSD per month has many routes and soon enough I have to settle on one because right now I feel like I started dabbling around the options. None-the-less I want to see where it will stick the most.

That's the update for now and a quick lesson:

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