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New Contributor
Sep 14, 2018
Hello everyone,

I am REKINDLING old dreams that I've smothered for the past ten years! THANK YOU MJ for your books and for this forum where all of you have engraved such tremendous value over the years. You are responsible for the AHA! moments that set off my conversion.

When I was young I dreamed of owning big companies and making big impacts. I loved the idea of running a factory, building a bullet train, designing skyscrapers. In high school I schemed up many business ideas with one of my friends and ran a couple of hustles. Yet I was directionless and did not have much of a plan for achieving my dreams. I ended up going to college, getting an engineering degree, and getting a JOB. Somewhere along the way, my dreams became distorted and my thought processes were degraded. I found myself dreaming about PROMOTIONS and RAISES, and I spent a lot of effort learning about how to increase my CORPORATE VALUE and earn a HIGHER WAGE.

But something didn’t sit right. I knew how to contribute value at my JOBs, but I always had ideas to explode value that nobody seemed interested in pursuing. I thought about this, and decided that I must not be persuasive enough. I read books about selling and communicating. I became better- now many people seemed excited by my ideas- but still, it was very difficult to gain any traction or make any progress. Besides that, it didn’t sit well with me that even if I produced a massive success at my company, my JOB or LIFE wouldn’t change much at all. I’d probably be expected to work harder and deliver more results in the future without much extra pay- 100% more results for 10% more pay. Talk about LIMITED control and LIMITED leverage!

Reading UNSCRIPTED set off lightning bolts inside my head as concept after concept in the book cast my unspoken discontent into crystal clear understanding. I felt TRAPPED in life because I only used TIME to earn. I felt OWNED because I DIDN’T CONTROL my value output. It wasn’t my BOSSES FAULT for not understanding my value, it was MY FAULT for counting on them to give me success!

My state of mind turned 180 degrees, from APATHY into CRAVING. I am remembering my old dreams and creating new ones every day. Life seems full of possibility and opportunity, and I am determined to get MORE from it.

I have a long way to go. I have a lot of baggage in my mental models. My habits and processes today will never get me to entrepreneurial success. I’m 28 and have a wife, baby, and dog. I rent a nice apartment and make payments on two cars. I still have a JOB. I don’t have much capital. I’m comfortably uncomfortable.

But none of that will stop me. I feel more agile and unencumbered than I’ve feel since graduating college. I’m thinking BIGGER every day. I am building habits that will make me successful. I will build a business system that is able to NUKE my job. I will live my life and achieve big dreams.

Through this forum I’ve followed many of you as you achieve success, and now I hope that some of you will follow me as I WIN and share what I learn along the way.

Thank you


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