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" Teaching" method to study. Need some advice on studying!

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Apr 16, 2019

Im in my last year of highh school and Im struggling at maths because I dont know how to study. I spend tons of time doing exercises and I end up withh a C. Sometimes I cant even solve exercises in the test but at home when practicing I could do it easily

A week ago I read a book called Thhe Overnight Student by Michael L Jones (just search it up on google and u will find a pdf).

The tldr of the book is literally just take notes and explain concepts out loud. But for maths understanding the concepts is just half way there, so how would I use this for maths?

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Mar 1, 2016
I'm not sure but @Andy Black had topic (or video??) with math help. Maybe he can chime in.

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
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Apr 12, 2012
Sometimes I cant even solve exercises in the test but at home when practicing I could do it easily
Is this duo to not having enough time to solve all exercises, or is it something like pressure during the test that's the problem for you?

The tldr of the book is literally just take notes and explain concepts out loud. But for maths understanding the concepts is just half-way there, so how would I use this for maths?
As someone that went from C to A just by changing his approach, what worked for me was making sure I could solve every exercise that was likely to come in the test. Practicing to the point that it was easy. Also, sometimes I looked for harder exercises than would likely occur in the test and practiced with them. That takes a lot of pressure out of the test.

The "teaching method" is a great overall method for learning but in math it's imo only useful to help you understand the concepts you need to know. But that's not enough. After you have understood the concepts you also must practicing them to the point that it feels easy to you.


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Aug 8, 2007
Different types of learning require different strategies.

Memorization is repetition - flash cards, writing notes over again, reading notes aloud repeatedly while doing some activity(jogging, walking, pacing, balancing)(the activity keeps you alert), recording notes and playing them back repeatedly while reading the notes, etc

Application requires practice. The practice has to be consistent and aligned with content. The level of practice has to be at least as difficult as the test and should be a level higher. If it is a timed test, then, the practice also has to be paced to work within time limits. Repeated success at practice gives a student confidence going into the test.

Math is going to require memorization of functions and formulas, deep understanding of formulas, and continued practice at application to be successful.

Math is also a process that takes time. One skill builds on the previous skills. The student works with fidelity until they become stumped. an instructor can see where the limit of the student is and assist getting past the point of stumped. If a student did not master a lower skill they will have difficulty with higher skills.

I know students try to cram for math at the last minute and some have success. My brain wouldn't let me do that.

Good luck.

Edit: The focus should not be on the teacher or the style of teaching. The focus should be on the learning and the student. The student's needs determine how the teacher will approach the lesson. The more the student participates in the process the more helpful the lesson will be. Math is not a spectator sport.

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