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Should I go to college?

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Jisung Hwang

New Contributor
Feb 23, 2018
Seoul, South Korea
*I'm not good at english but I'm learning it*

Hi, I am middle school student in korea.(16)
I always think that korean education is not helpful in my life.
The common purpose of korean education is 'go to college'.
They think that 'success' is
'study hard' and 'go to good college'
and 'go to the good company'.
I don't understand why i have to go to a good company.
I think there's a lot of way to success.

I will study about 'adsense' and 'affiliate marketing'.
and i'll earn money from that, and finally i'll do my own business.

Also, I'll not go to high school. Because there(where i have to go) are so many
students who have more interest in being cool(underage smoking, drinking, or fighting).

I know that this way is not easy. but I'll do the efforts.
what do you think about my plan??

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Gold Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jul 4, 2016
Go to high school, at least for a while, and see how it works out for you. You're still young and even though teens don't like to hear it, it's easy to change your mind in this age.

When you've given entrepreneurship a shot - for at least a few years of hard work, failures and successes - and still feel the same determination. When you still wouldn't have it any other way, then you'd be in a better position to make that decisition.

It's easy to read TMF or a blog post on AdSense, feel like it's all figured out and you're going to conquer the world. Like you'll be instantly successful.

And then it's another thing to live it yourself.

PS. And if you haven't, you should read The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted for starters. That's a good first step toward real entrepreneurship.

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