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MARKETPLACE senukex services - special deals for fastlane members

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Jan 30, 2008
Hey everyone,

I put together a great discount JUST for fastlane members.

I've been running an senukex service company for about a year and have offered various packages.

You can see the offers here:

SENukeX Services

2 sales threads where we do a lot of business:

Warrior Forum Classifieds
[INSANELY LOW PRICES] POWERFUL BACKLINKS CREATED WITH SENUKEX - Buy/Sell/Trade Marketplace Classified Ads - Traffic Planet

Reviews are at the bottom of the 1st post. Before got shut down we ran a very popular sales thread there that had TONS of reviews.

testimonials from some of my personal clients:

Here are a couple of Testimonials from my current clients:

"Since starting with chris and his senuke service my keywords have skyrocketed up google to all be on page 1 so i am very happy about this. This has led to more customers and more traffic in addition Chris is always available to answer any questions on skype or email and answers very promptly. I can highly recommend chris and his senuke service - 5 stars !!"

Dean Piazza - Treadmill, Cheap Treadmills - Gym Equipment. Buy Online Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia

"To me the best part of getting to know and work with you, is that I feel you are part of OUR team - not just selling your services. Yes you are talented and able to get results. But with so many hucksters out there in the internet marketing/SEO circles - I place a great value on having someone I can talk to, brainstorm with, and someone who is looking out for my interests. To me it is also good business, because that kind of approach breeds great loyalty no matter how the market changes."

Tobin Slaven - ( / (207-461-9007)

Who is this for? Anyone already running senukex and doesn't want to handle the cost or day to day management any more. Anyone that wants to get the benefit of senukex, but doesn't have the time to learn the program or the money to finance the entire operation.

Here are some of the costs I jotted down the other day - you may be able to find different prices, but here is a base point.

Captchas: $50 to $200 or more per month
proxies: $30/m
senukex: $147 per month
VPS: $75/m (times 3 for all 3 licenses you get with one subscription: $225/m)
pro Linklicious subscription (we provide this for free): $54/m - this is optional - for indexing

total: $302 on the small end (no linklicious, only 1 VPS and only $50 in captchas, which isn't a lot of blasts).

and as much as $656 with linklicious, 3 servers and heavy nuking.

You don't have deal with troubleshooting program bugs. No more back and forth between support tickets. We handle that for you.

No more keeping track of which campaigns are done and gathering link reports. Building campaign after campaign, day in and day out.

Lets face it, day to day management of an automated solution can certainly be very hands-on!

The Offer:

Fastlane members get a 10% discount on all of our offers. No where else will I be doing this. It's just my way of helping to add value to your membership here as so many other wonderful posters do for us here.

These are the packages:

Package One - 1500 links (normally $47 - you get it for $42.30)

Package Two - 3000 links (normally $77 - you get it for $69.30)

Package Three - 6000 links (normally $97 - you get it for $87.30) <-- The most savings!

  • You do not have to supply any content. We use highly spun content for all of our packages.
  • If you would like us to provide unique hand writtent content for you, please send an additional $20 to cmcarlin AT
  • You have the option of supplying your own content when you order and we will use that.
  • All social links are contextual - we also place images in the posts where they are accepted.
  • We submit all links to for indexing and our network of backlink energizer blogs.
  • We use our own version of the safe 3 way attack, with no profiles pointing directly to your money site.
  • We will gladly throw in any modules you want free of charge. Just make a request and we will add the extra module.
HOW THE DISCOUNT WORKS: I do not have the backend set up yet for these offers, so for the time being, simply send payment to paypal AT senukex-service dot com via paypal.

In addition to the above packages, I can also help you find a customized solution - feel free to email me at cmcarlin at gmail dot com any time, or skype me @ c_carlin if you want to discuss bulk rates (if you have a large portfolio of sites to backlink) or a more defined SEO strategy

Need more than SENukeX or you don't like using software? No problem, we also provide these other services (all are built by hand - no software! PM for more details as I don't want to add more to this already long post.)

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Speedway Pass
Oct 4, 2007
Just a quick question, when you say that Package One consists of 1,500 links, can you explain how many links are pointed directly at the money site, first tier, second tier? If you have a diagram that would be great, if you don't want to post it though, I understand.

Thanks and good luck with your service. =)

Edit: Just noticed your diagram in the link you provided. That's a pretty good amount of links per blast; typically on that type of diagram I'd only get 1050-1060 links (but I never use the indexer or rss feeds, not sure if those count as links or not).


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 30, 2008
Senukex consists of a variety of links such as web2.0/social, forum profiles, social bookmarks, web2.0 profiles, rss feed submissions.

The program also does press release and article directory submissions, but we generally leave those out as you need quality content so that is considered a separate service.

Of course, if you have the content already, we don't mind adding the module to your campaigns.

The breakdown changes constantly as senukex is always changing the # of sites, but you can expect 150-200 web 2.0 tier 1 links, 60 - 200 social bookmarks tier 1 and the rest comprise of social bookmark, forum profile, web2.0 profile, RSS submission and indexing (module) for tier 2.

I hope that helps

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