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    But it's so much fun! (okay not really haha).
    Yep I don't understand why paying $100K is 'dumb' when the person is spending their own money how they see fit.
    If anything, to me, it is incredibly inspiring!
    Hey Kwerner,
    Can we be friends?
    I am looking for a good software that will enable me develop an exams portal for students preparing for exams on wordpress. Do you know of any good one?
    Thanks in advance,
    haha, I saw that Sparlin banned you for a week xD
    How was it?
    Thank you, if it weren't for kind folks like you I would of still be scared and remained confined to the 'young college grad looking for an entry level job' circle :)
    Thanks for the happy birthday mate, sorry for the delayed reply though. THANKS!!! :)
    Right now I'm waiting to get my patent rights. :bgh: I will get a call from my attorney either this week or next. Thanks for your concern.
    Thanks Kasey. I try to keep pics updated so I have a visual record of where I have been as well as written. It helps me to keep moving forward, striving for personal improvement.

    PM me re ideas on the PLAN thread-- I'd love to work something out where we can keep it visible (in the forums). It's less about the actual *things*, and more about the process itself-- and how you feel/what you go through as you sort through your stuff- Russ H.
    LOL, glad you think I'm friggin brilliant, and I'm glad I have that in writing from someone. I can't wait to show that to my husband when he gets home! ;)
    Thankyou for the rep speed. It was an area I am interested in so I was happy to help G_Alexander and contribute to the forums. In the end when I ask for some help on the forums it will mean there are more people willing to help I guess :)
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