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Ready for a change in my life


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Oct 9, 2017
Hello everyone, I just wanted to make a quick introduction about myself here.

I'm 33-year-old web designer/front-end developer building mostly WordPress based websites. I started this job with very little previous knowledge in 2011. I've been working mostly on freelance platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour, with mediocre success. At first, it was only part-time, but the last few years this has been a full-time job for me. I've been stuck building websites in "up to $1000 price range", realized it wasn't leading me anywhere, so I started looking for a way to break this barrier.

I've read somewhere before that providing value to the customer is the "the key", but I didn't really research this enough at the time to be able to use it.

So a few weeks back my schedule finally cleared and I started to research how to improve my business and I found the "Make Money with Web Design" Facebook group. There I found some great advice and information which lead me here, and after few days of reading, I decided to join this great community.

So what am I doing to improve my business?
For the learning part, I've been reading some interesting threads on the forum, also I've read Breaking the Time Barrier, started reading Value-Based Fees by Alan Weiss, and after that, I plan to read The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted .

For the work part, I've started revamping my unfinished website to be aligned with the message of value, not features and web technicalities. Research more about cold emailing and calling, and start to implement it.

Apart from my web design services I have a plan to create an online course for utilizing bare bone VPS servers, intended for beginners and intermediate computer users.
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Sep 24, 2017
Hey Pixelf, I'm new here too I joined after reading TMF . Please stop the work you are doing and read the book. It has changed how I view things so much do that I agreed to sell a previous business before I'd even finished the book.

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