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INTRO Putting my slow-lane hustling skills to the fast-lane and gaining my freedom

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Mar 12, 2018
Hey All,

My name is Devon from MI and after hustling in the slowlane for the past 4 years(started I.T at 22 making 20k and quadrupled my salary the past few years no degree) I've decided that my meager salary goal of 100k/yr by 30 was misdirected. I come from a poor family so too me 100k was "balling" (lol). After experiencing corporate america in all its mismanaged, soul sucking glory I woke up one morning feeling that there has to be more to life than this. Now my hustling energy will be directed toward seeing a million before 35.

So I started researching entrepreneurship and what it means to really be one and in my quest I found TMF and this forum. I recently posted a thread on Reddit dubbed "do you ever feel morally reprehensible" mainly because when I was young my family instilled in me this hatred and disdain for the wealthy "Those rich white men are ruining america, All they do is take take take etc" I'm saddened to say that it took me this long to see this thought process was entirely wrong(familial pressures are strong lol). Now that my mind is open I see entrepreneurship is giving and I am willing to dedicate my life to finding a solution I can give the world.

I've decided to leap in headfirst and will be starting a progress thread to flip 1k to 2k, The Item I will be selling is CBD pens(to local smoke-shops and using my friends/family) I think I found a decent supplier on Alibaba and will be buying a shipment shortly. This is a very inexperienced question I'm not entirely sure how I would sell to the store in the first place are there any books on this or do I just cold call?

Appreciate any advice and skepticism and look forward to getting to know you all and posting my lambo thread in a couple years ;)

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Those rich white men are ruining america, All they do is take take take etc" I'm saddened to say that it took me this long to see this thought process was entirely wrong(familial pressures are strong lol).
White people don't hold the monopoly on greed and corruption. It's a human endeavor. But in history, unfortunately the people in power where white aristocrats so yes, it's easy to see this perspective as having some truth, even today.

Truth is, money can be acquired by culture's advertised means -- greed, corruption, corporate theft, subterfuge-- or it can be acquired with honor through relative value.

I've decided that my meager salary goal of 100k/yr by 30 was misdirected
Give yourself some credit. BIG CREDIT. You've done exceptional for yourself in the system. Now that you see the system, you can step outside of it and kick some more butt and start writing your own story.

Welcome to the forum -- very happy to have you.

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