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Provisional/circumstantial name or ultimate name?

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Uday Saroj

New Contributor
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Oct 7, 2016
I'm planning to create a social network type service, but I need to start with a standalone mode where the user can derive value even when there are no other users on the platform. So, initially it will be a SaaS tool/service, and then later it will culminate into my final product which is a social network- once it gains critical mass.
My question is, what domain name and trademark etc. should I use to begin? The one for the SaaS or the one for the social network? I have multiple concerns as stated below.
  • Will I be able to attract the right early adopters who might get confused about the service due to its name more like that of a social network? I certainly want only those users to sign up who are in for the ultimate social platform it will become.
  • Will I be able to migrate the entire platform to a new domain name once it gets the required critical mass?

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