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EXECUTION Private Label Brand selling Ecological House-Hold Goods



Apr 12, 2019
Quick Update:

I have really got my shit together now. I have a long-term plan and reverse engineered how I will get there. Im using visualisation daily and dam, it really gets me excited and fired up to get this thing going, u guys have no idea!

Im currently in the process of incorporating to have limited liability, since I plan to sell my products online. Im estimating that the process will take around 2-3 weeks to fully complete. I paid some bucks to be assisted by an experienced lawyers office, in my opinion, the money already paid back (all the tips and information I got from them).

I have to admit, once you really take action, its a f***ing scary feeling, but rewarding at the same time... Theres no going back now...

I am pretty much putting ALL my savings into the company (besides money that I need for food and rent for the next 6-8 months). Worst case, if I fail, its getting another job to rinse-repeat the process. Believe me, I really dont want to fail at it this time around...

I am going to give it all I got and try to launch my product idea latest by early November. Plan is to sell it online and get a push in sales from the christmas business. I think my product is in a good price range for christmas presents and its deffinetly a product that adds value and is (for some weird reason?) not really popular or discovered yet in my niche, although it would be such a good thing to use.

Im confident that I can get my network of friends and family to push me with good ratings on amazon (30-40 reviews at least) for my product, once it is ready. Social Proof along with some ad spend should get me going with some sales to get started.

I have used amazon FBA before and since I dont want ANYTHING to go wrong with the logistics during christmas season, I will be relying on them to fulfill orders and ship to customers. Ofcourse, I will also store some products at my place and ship via DHL from there.

I am looking to produce my product locally (made in Germany), none of that Chinese shit.

Am looking forward to give you guys more updates soon. @maverick thanks for your kick in the a$$ to get me start taking action, its just what I needed.


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