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Opinions of My Website and Products?

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New Contributor
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Dec 10, 2017
I have been working on my website for some time now. (about one year)

I have changed my name multiple times and I know it is still a work in progress, but I'd like to know what you all think so far?

What do you like about the site?
What could be better?
What do you like?
Improvements to my products?
Is the price fair?

Also I am starting to generate some traffic, and when I show people in person they love my ideas and when I run advertisements they do well generating 100s of clicks , but it has yet to translate into sales.

Please be as honest as possible. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thank You
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Aspice, officio fungeris sine spe honoris ampliori
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Oct 26, 2012
Some quick observations:
  • Your brand screams "MALE" yet one of the 3 offerings you have = bath bombs.
  • The look and feel of your logo is high-end yet you're selling fairly mainstream products.
  • Your "win a free bath bomb"-popup should just ask for email instead of first name, surname and email.
  • You don't have a meta description so your description in google serps is a random snippet of text taken from the website.
  • Your overall page speed sucks, see: PageSpeed Insights

I think you need to go back to the drawing board on this and answer the following fundamental questions:
  • Who is the customer? What is their need? How are you solving it?
  • What is your value proposition? Why is it better than existing propositions (e.g. bulk-ordering the brands I need and want instead of getting your box).


Aspice, officio fungeris sine spe honoris ampliori
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Oct 26, 2012
Also: asking people what they think means nothing. Get them to take their wallets out to see if they mean it.

Lex DeVille

Sweeping Shadows From Dreams
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Speedway Pass
Jan 14, 2013
The Underground
I'm not sure I understand what this is. Why wouldn't I buy from Amazon? The branding is kind of cool, but overall I don't really understand the concept.

You're bundling products to sell at a cheaper price than buying individually? If that's the case, are you sure your audience wants these bundles?

Are you trying to become a subscription box eventually? That would at least offer an opportunity to discover more about what your audience wants.

Overall I don't see any reason I'd buy from this site if I landed on it, because it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Beyond that, the products don't appeal to me.

If I were going to buy a bundle from you, it would be a bundle of unique products (such as the bath bomb). I'd never buy a bundle of mass market junk like Colgate tho.
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aspiring 大君 of the bourgeoisie
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Aug 31, 2016
i would strongly reconsider repackaging low end hygiene products. the consumers are more aware of the chemicals and such that comprise the main branded items. I would consider looking into more organic soaps, deoderants etc (fluoride free toothpastes) etc.

some good shampoo thats organic or argon oil is
Double-Header® Shampoo + Conditioner with Coconut Oil & Kelp Extract


Salad Dressing Empire
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Jul 10, 2016
Oh, yeah I see what Lex is talking about.

My first impression on scrolling down was “that’s super weird...” which I actually said out loud.

I expected to see private label stuff or your own products, but instead just a bundle of stuff that I don’t necessarily use.

I think the biggest problem here is your site has the feeling of a luxury bath brand but then I see a random mishmash of mediocre hygiene products.

It doesn’t jive.

Either you need to focus on private label stuff (like the bath bombs) with the type of branding you have.

Or make it a bargain site like where the more you buy the more you save and save through subscriptions.

Most importantly, the premade bundles have to go. Hygiene brands are a pretty personal choice. For example, I only use Colgate total toothpaste, degree deodorant, head and shoulders shampoo, and body soap from bath and body works (don’t judge, I smell manly as hell). So, when I see speedstick and listerine, I instantly don’t care, because they’re not my brand.

Here’s what I would do, offer customization. Have like 5-10 options per category.

Have your King Bundle - save x % when you bundle and save. Save an additional 10% when you subscribe to monthly shipments.

Pick one of each:
  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Mouth wash
  • Face wash
Have 5-10 options per category. Upsell with tripwires like, “add body spray for $3.99. Don’t forget foot powder, only $2.99”

And do smaller bundles with less categories.

I think that’s what you’re trying to do anyway. But a premade bundle of random stuff I’ll never use, I don’t see anyone buying this. Expect for like, a gift for a college kid going to a dorm or a prisoner.


All Cars Kneel Before Pagani.
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Sep 3, 2017
Just my thoughts regarding the website:
  1. The hero banner is one of the biggest issue I've with the design of the site. To be comes across as eerie to me due to the black-lightblue gradient. If I've to use some words to describe this, it would be : grim, dark, nightmare looming ahead, creepy, horrors. Just curious, do you have a gender target in mind? If the products are for mainly women, then the current website comes across as more to the masculine side.
  2. The sections below the hero image (basically the rest of the website) seems to convey an industrial cleaning product, the kind they use to get rid of very stubborn stains on heavy machinery. Usually websites for bath-related products tend to have a relaxing and gentle feel to them. Actually, I would say looking at aromatherapy website designs would be good for your situation.
  3. The font you're using for headlines feels good and personal, though the rest of the site design doesn't gel with it. It's the right sort of font though.
  4. Regarding the website name (thehygieneking), who knows, maybe one day you can come up with something witty and catchy. "hygiene" feels a bit technical and also, not a very "smooth" word to type out and spell. I'm still impressed by this: which was mentioned in the Unscripted book LOL :rofl: It seems when the brand name is catchy and has a "story" behind it, all the marketing starts to fall into place.
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