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Making a fastlane

Discussion in 'Process / Progress / Execution Threads' started by CryptO, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. CryptO

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    Apr 20, 2012
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    Successfully making a fastlane

    This thread is to document a 2nd Fastlane attempt and is going to run parallel to the bricks and mortar business that I'm also writing about here.

    Building a construction business

    After failing on fastlane attempt 1 (over 12 months ago) in which I thought it would be a good idea to create a hybrid of a social network mixed in with a question and answering platform, I'm now ready to dust myself down and try again armed with more wisdom about things that won't work.

    The motivation

    Whilst looking for clients in the construction trade I have found a way that will bring homeowners and contractors together saving them time, hassle and money. This will be a done in a way that improves on the existing models in France.

    Commercial Strategy

    5 % of signed contract collected upon initial agreement and before introducing P2B/B2P. This money is held for 60 days in which time the business can ask for a full refund if their client retracts. Service is free for homeowners.

    Marketing Strategy

    Highlighting all key improvements over other services and integrating into the following 3 phases.
    Phase 1 Direct mailing and local newspaper.
    Phase 2 Direct mailing, local newspaper, regional + adwords.
    Phase 3 Direct mailing, local newspaper, regional + adwords and national papers.


    Myself during phase 1 then adding to as needed.

    Current Progress

    Nature of business decided - Service P2B/B2P
    Company Name decided - (will be a trading name extension of existing structure).
    Websites registered in .Fr (france) .com .net and .info (the last two were free with the .com)

    To do

    Build website which will be promoted as the first contact whereby people can submit their plans and outline works
    Execute phase 1 of marketing strategy.
    Rinse, tweak and repeat.
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