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INTRO Just married and life turned around! Eugen Berzani

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Feb 14, 2019
Hello everyone! The name is Eugen Berzani and I just got married last year.

I originally come from Albania, I have graduated in London for Computer Security and Forensics. I never read books until I was 22 years old and for the past 5 years I have been reading continuously whenever I travel to work or from work.
We just got married last year and moved to Belgium last September and we both have full time jobs (My wife has a contract at Cisco and I work at a non-profit called amfori as an IT Support Officer).

I am writing as I have read so many books but The Millionaire Fastlane, Unscripted and the book recommended by MJ DeMarco called Atomic Habits have completely changed the way I see life and my everyday choices.

I love the two books so much that I am rereading them continuously and reflecting each and every word the author says. They are eye openers and I believe a new chapter has come to my life.

Anyways I am here to share all that I know and looking forward to get to know everyone here and hopefully getting to know MJ DeMarco himself and see his ideas.

Regarding marriage I have a philosophical expression that I think it was Socrates who said it (my belief is that Socrates was a philosopher):

By all means MARRY. If the wife is good, you will be HAPPY, if she is bad you will be a PHILOSOPHER.

Marriage has taught me many things about life and especially seeing life through another person's eyes and actually doing things that do not need to satisfy your immediate need. Also before getting married (before finding someone and knowing them enough so you can trust them) make sure you have all the fun you can (not f*cking around) and when the time comes make peace with your past and you are on a campaign mode with your new partner that YOU HAVE CHOSEN. Also be aware of porn as it tends to ruin your relationship :/

As for Belgium it is a very nice country and we have visited the main Attractions such as Antwerpen, Ghent, Leuven, Brugges and we currently reside in Brussels. We are considering purchasing a house but thankfully I read the books on time. A 30 year loan will benefit the bank.

Belgium has 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German and is right at the heart of Europe, which means in a few hours you can be in a new country. Its rich in culture, heritage and parks!!! So many parks. It is a slow country (Compared to USA and UK) and people seem to be nice, well mannered and compassionate.

However I have set a new target within 6-7 years. PHOENIX ARIZONA. MJ is one of the person's to thank for it but also its 300 days of sun and its real estate market value (35 billion dollars). On top of that statistics in USA are easier to be found and the laws and regulations are also more clear and not much bureaucracy (or so I believe). Me and my wife are thinking what can we bring as a value to the actual real estate especially now that the notion of SMART HOME is starting to take ground.

Regarding Real Estate we have paid 997 euros (took some advice from MJ regarding the courses I follow) and from 3 - 5 May we will attend a course which is given by Legacy and we are considering options to invest in the UK market. But first we need to see how it works and again what value can our investment bring besides just finding a house, finding workers, renovate and rent. The Legacy seemed to say half of the truth in each of their statement. I guess the other half is just bring us the $$$.

I am a big fan of United States of America and especially american people. Thanks to you, the system and the wars you have won Europe and Albania enjoys sovereignty over its territory (now albanian politicians are our enemy, irony). But what especially I am a fan of is their constant development. You do not find other people posting books and skills that they have learned, or you find them in low quantity. Americans go above and beyond this and try their best to help people. So here is a big thanks to USA and a special thanks to MJ DeMarco.

I have quiet a lot to say but I will stop here as its already too much haha.

This was long and the time here strikes 23:03. Thank you for reading this far and hit me up if you have any questions and I will try to answer as soon as I am free.

My timezone here is GTM +1 Brussels time.

Wish you all the best and hope you can find your true self and show it in everything you do.

After all we are created here to solve each others problems.

Kind regards,

Eugen Berzani

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