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  1. Jrjohnny

    What was MJ DeMarco's Relationship Rule?

    I was reading the great rat race escape a few days ago, and MJ was talking about some rule like 3/5/10 or something like spend 3 minutes thinking about them etc.. I was just wondering for future me. Thank you guys
  2. monnffffiiiiiii

    Where (and how) did you meet your spouse?

    Completely unrelated to business, but I am in a position where all I do is work and go to the gym. I woke up one day realizing I was slowly but surely approaching 30 years old and that I didn't want to remain single for the rest of my life. And I freak out a little more each day that passes...
  3. ProcessPro

    Having Children...Pros and Cons?

    Hi Fastlaners My wife and I are trying to decide if to have children. She's 28 and I'm 26, so her remaining children bearing years are limited. On one hand, we have a vision of a beautiful family and family culture etc. On the other hand, friends are warning that we'd be giving up our lives to...
  4. AgainstAllOdds

    A Warning for Young Guys: Money is NOT the way to solve your Girl Problems

    The post below is a fair warning for guys that are on this forum and in entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons. If you're looking to make money to get the girl, then you're doing it wrong. There's easier ways to get the girl, and if that's your sole purpose for making money, then you should read...
  5. eugenberzani

    Just married and life turned around! Eugen Berzani

    Hello everyone! The name is Eugen Berzani and I just got married last year. I originally come from Albania, I have graduated in London for Computer Security and Forensics. I never read books until I was 22 years old and for the past 5 years I have been reading continuously whenever I travel to...
  6. TKDTyler

    Is Marriage Part of the Script?

    I've been pondering this question for a while now, and recently had a conversation with a group of friends. Is Marriage Part of the Script? Most of the people in my group are millennials, with a mix of entrepreneurs as well as slow laners. We had a very interesting conversation on our views...