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Aug 26, 2007
I am in the process of starting my own website designed for local business. I'd like to post progress reports here. I'd also appreciate ideas and input.

I cannot share what the idea is, it is too simple, but I will say that everyone I've asked to review it locally likes the idea and says they will use it themselves when it goes live. I believe it meets the criteria of filling a need, for anyone who uses the site.

I need a contract to be able to start the site and am currently waiting for it to come back from the attorney. I hope to be ready to go live very soon.

So, since I've basically said nothing so far, can I ask if anyone has ideas to market a website locally? Yes, it is a local service at this point so I need to advertise so people locally will use it. I do plan to franchise at some point once it's taken off here, but for now I need to focus on local advertising.

How do you get the word out about a website? I've thought of community interest tv and radio, direct mail, Pennysaver, bus bench, that kind of thing, but right now budget is small and someone may have a really great idea.
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Bronze Contributor
Jul 24, 2007
Where you do most of your marketing will vary based on your target market. If your target market is local teenagers, you could focus on HS sporting events or other events heavily populated with members of that market segment. If you're marketing is geared towards adults, you could check out local stores and businesses that have high traffic. Some stores will allow you to post ads on bulletin boards for free; definitely give those a look. You could also pay some younger kids to go out in high traffic areas to help get the word out about business.

Also look for other businesses you can network with. If they provide a product or service in a similar industry, talk to them about referring business to you. In exchange, you can refer to them or post links/ads for their business on your site. It's a worthy tradeoff for both sides.

I believe the most important aspects of marketing are knowing your target market and being creative. I'm definitely no expert in the field, but these ideas will hopefully help you at least a little bit. I'd definitely love to hear those progress reports as time goes on...good luck!


Aug 13, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
IHow do you get the word out about a website? I've thought of community interest tv and radio, direct mail, Pennysaver, bus bench, that kind of thing, but right now budget is small and someone may have a really great idea.

Since it's local and it's B2B, I would just go try the old fashion route. Cold calls and personal drop ins. When I owned a small retail business people would come in all the time trying to sell me various stuff. Everything from art junk to insurance to long distance plans. I asked most of them to leave. EXCEPT....those who told me they could help get me more customers at a good price. Anyone who told me they could get me more business, I'd gladly listen to.

If you have a good idea to get a small business more customers, I'm confident they WILL listen.


Aug 26, 2007
While the concept is simple, the marketing needs to appeal to the masses so I need to "brand" the site.

There is a target market and the site appeals to their need, but it is a diverse group spanning all ages and income levels. So maybe a better question to ask is, how do you brand a site locally?

Thanks for the thoughts so far and the ones to come!

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