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REAL ESTATE I'm going to join my local REI club...!

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Oct 3, 2007
...once I get my drivers license which will be in one week. I'm really excited to learn about real estate from people in my area. I am a little nervous but I think this is a good step to becoming successful in REI. I do have a question though.

I know that for my REI club we meet once a month and there usually is a guest speaker. But before the seminar occurs people usually mingle and there are expos and booths you can go to in order to buy real estate products and services. I do need a job in order to bring in a consistent cash flow. Would it be possible to find a job with a REI or a real estate group? This way I can learn and work at the same time. Is there a certain position I should look for?


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Aug 28, 2007
When my daughter was in college she had a job as a personal assistant for a realtor who specialized in commercial property. She learned allot from the job and it was very flexable, she basicaly worked from her laptop and only had a staff meeting once a week and to attend a monthly workshop. The way to find a job is to inventory your skills & your likes/dislikes once you come up with this you look for the job that may fit you and also benefit your RE education.

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