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INTRO I was Growing potatos after getting a Graphic design degree!

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by abidrozdar, May 17, 2019 at 1:37 PM.

  1. abidrozdar

    abidrozdar New Contributor

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    Apr 26, 2019
    Hunza Pakistan
    Rep Bank:
    Hello everyone,

    Thank you and my best regards to, Mj demarco for writing "The Fastlane" and Creating this forum, to all the esteemed members who sharing gold nuggets of information regarding business and finance daily, we amateur business enthusiasts feel so lucky and thankful to you for being so helpful!! A BIG Thank you!!

    I am Abid Rozdar, I am 28 years old and I love the idea of being independent from financial barriers and I am working towards achieving such a state, luckily thanks to the internet that I was able to read books that a boy from a remote village in the mountains of Hunza valley (Pakistan) would not have dreamed of, but it happened and my mind has literally expanded more in these four years than the rest of my previous life.

    After getting my bachelors degree in graphics design from lahore I went back to my Village with the aim of doing the thing that I loved and that was writing story and making illustrations of those stories, I worked on those stories for one year with the idea of publishing them online but after working on them for 6 months my savings totally ran out and i had no options but to work, so i decided to become an agriculture entrepreneur, I have some land and i asked my friends land, and bought seeds from a very reputable company and seeds and and put those potatoes in the land with my hand and a shovel, watered it, and all those things finally used another equipment to take out those potatoes, the size of the potatoes was good but the problem came with the seeds, the company that was giving the seeds was trying that particular seed for the first time in that area and they told us it will be bought by "Lays" for their chips so there was a lot of profit margin, but unfortunately 80% of the potatoes were ill, which was a major set back and I wasn't able to get even the expenses that went into that business :p plus the rent I had to pay to my friend for using his land but he was a friend so he gave me time and support. I learned some massive lessons, number one- do the things that you are good at. 2- do smart work instead of hard work. 3-do your research.

    so learning from this experience I wowed to work only in my field of graphic design, so I made a gig on fiverr.com, providing children book Illustrations and luckily it got of and I started getting orders, the experience of make all those books for myself helped and first month I made 300$ which is more than enough in this part of the country, I kept on doing this freelance work and I am still doing it, there was always a fear of control from the CENTS commandment in my mind, as it was very likely that I might get any orders from the next day or week or month etc, keeping this in mind I made two decisions, first I made various gigs, one for t-shirt, one for youtube thumbnails etc increasing the chance of getting orders, secondly I decided to travel back to lahore and make a master mind group with a friend and work on Youtube videos or some thing else. so now I am in lahore and we are making videos regarding boxing- it is the starting but again here we don't have the Control Commandment fulfilled as well- Now I am here on The Fastlane Forum to learn more and make Amazing Connections-

    Also I have a dream of Making a home/hub for digital nomads in Hunza in my land, where they can stay free/lowest rents and engage with the loving community, which will definitely give their life satisfaction, there they will be able to meet new people from all around the world, will be an amazing thing to happen :)

    This is my fiverr profile where I recently got to level two :) I would be glad if you can take the time and critique/ suggest me anything regarding my fiverr profile/gig and my idea of making youtube videos and/or anything :)

    Access to This Page Has Been Blocked

    Thank you!! it was long but I loved sharing it with you :)
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