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How are you recapping your book material?

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Feb 19, 2018
Cuba v2.1 (Miami)
I hate how I would sometimes start reading a book just to have real life get in the way and not allow me to finish it in the time I had expected causing me to forget certain key points. I came across an article explaining how to better remember what you read by concentrating at a specific word in each sentence and allowing your peripheral vision to read the rest of the sentence.

Do you guys find yourselves putting ears on your books, taking hand notes, taking digital notes, or maybe most of the above?

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Jan 19, 2018
Paris, France
Best way to remember key points in the book you read is to apply the knowledge you have learn.

Otherwise I like to make a small summary of the book once I finish it. It allows me to structure the knowledge I just get from the book and I can go back on it to refresh my memory about the book.

Also, you can also find people doing video book summary on youtube or there are mobile application that offer book summary, app like blinkist. It’s a good way to review the keys points.


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Jun 12, 2015
Vancouver, Canada
This has been a subject area that I have been exploring lately. One of my biggest issues is my inability to systematically remember concepts when applying them to everyday life.

We get flooded with information on a regular basis through books, social media, video, and our personal and professional lives.

Here is one resource I have come across that will make you an active participant in the learning process.

It is called the Cornell Note-Taking System

The Cornell Note-taking System – Learning Strategies Center

It is pretty simple in a five-step process:

1. Grab a notebook
2. Draw a line in the middle and label the left-side "Cues" and the right-side "Notes"
3. Write first in the notes section for all the key concepts and ideas that you want to remember.
4. Create cues on the left side that will immediately stimulate the information from your brain.
5. At the bottom of the page, provide a quick Summary of the section or chapter that you have read.

All the best!


Bronze Contributor
Feb 19, 2018
Cuba v2.1 (Miami)
Thank you all. I had started to make a summary of my books, but misplaced it with the remodeling of the house. Its might be in a buried bin now in the garage, but Im glad to know keeping a summary of the books/journaling is a practice done by others.

Dunkafelics, the Cornell Note-Taking System looks very interesting, and I will certainly need to give it a try. TY!

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