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INTRO Hi all, i'm Labes - lil help :)?

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Mar 21, 2019
I live in Melbourne, Australia, from New Zealand originally.

Just finished both books which have changed my whole perspective on everything- Muchos gracias MJ!

I'm 38 years old and only just starting to get a sense of what I should be doing in this life.

Most area's of my life are flying (health, fitness, love-life, interpersonal relationships, family etc) however late last year, I had my "f*ck you" moment and decided to go out on my own and start a recruitment business (something i've been doing for about 13 years).

It's just me atm.

Virtually no planning went into it, apart from I knew I no longer wanted to report into anyone and be my own boss.

Herein lies a minor issue. I realized very quickly into it that I actually have no passion for recruitment and i struggle to sell something that doesn't stimulate me in a way that i like.

Hence i've f*cked around on other things i thought i wanted to do and very quickly realized i was like a headless chook.

My whole outlook on life has been flipped on its head in the last 2 years and I really struggle to engage with people that aren't on the same page as me.

I've gone through a complete mental, emotional, physical and spiritual journey, that has totally transformed the person I once was (massive piss-head, rec drug-user, problem gambler, philanderer etc... you name it). I'm actually a decent member of society now, have an awesome partner and life is awesome apart from the ability to earn $$ :clench:

I've managed to knock ALL those vices on the head without any tricks or short-cuts and i've been told by many people that there is a really great story to be told and I should be on the speaking circuit.

I've got plenty of natural ability, look the part, but have no clue on how to start/monetize this quickly (as I'm fast running out of money)

Like i've got 3 months $$ left before I'm totally tapped, with no family or finance to bail me out - (nor should they) and recruitment is looking like my only option for the short-term.

I've gone and spent all of my superannuation (401k for you Yanks :) funding this operation and am likely to get a tap on the shoulder from the tax man at some point, but thats another matter.

I'm committed to a lease, personal loan repayments, and other bills that cant be reduced, to the tune of about 7k AUD (net) a month, so no ordinary job will even come close to covering that.

I put myself in a position where I couldn't fail, thinking I would naturally be self-motivated to perform, but certainly didn't anticipate hating what I have been doing for the last decade or so.

I've never been afraid of hard work for things that inspire me and add value, but this newfound outlook on life has had a double-edge i didn't see coming.

Mentally i'm in a really great space, but there will come a time of reckoning if I don't pull finger.

My partner knows limited details as some of this as for cultural reasons, I cover the household bills (which I'm totally fine with).

I don't need or want her to worry. We only moved in together recently also and i don't want this legacy of bad money management to haunt my relationships, it's already shameful on myself.

Don't mean to come and unload on everyone, but there are some clever buggers on this forum and I'm genuinely grateful for any suggestions or feedback.

P.S, my debts were accrued during my self-destructive days and I've learned most of those lessons, and am working on my finances as my latest personal development project.

Thanks, everyone,

Much love


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