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new business

  1. P

    My Introduction

    Hi Everyone, Although the majority of you will not see this, I wanted to introduce myself. I am 22 years old, fresh out of college and have been working a software sales job for the past month. Even though I have started my job a month ago, I already feel weighed down. I do enjoy what I do, but...
  2. J

    NEW HERE | Scaled my business and quit the 9-5

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm brand new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jordan and I own a digital marketing agency. About a year ago I was completely crippled by the 9-5 life; my marriage was garbage, I wasn't able to hang out with my kids, you know the drill. Throw in the fact that I...
  3. D

    Med Student Struggling to find Open Road!

    Dear Fastlaners First post here, I am a 25 year old medical student from a low-income family currently being supported by my family and it burns me to the core how work has taken over the lives of my parents in order for them to fund my tuition and make a living. I am have read TMF over and...
  4. Jannina Emila

    New entrepreneur needs a second opinion on strategy

    Needing an opinion from you guys. I’m a new ish entrepreneur, past 1.5 years tested numerous different strategies and offers with my business and now finally feels like I’m starting to find the longer term, enjoyable and sustainable way I want to build my business (building a brand in social...
  5. Kak

    Someone Needs To Do This Instead of Copywriting

    I came across a very real opportunity for someone to make great money and grow a very tangible and real business. Thought I’d pop in and share since there’s ironically been a bit of a bigger thinking revival around here. Home playground equipment. For those of you who don’t know, nice...
  6. mamamargaux

    Financial Literacy for Teens

    I need some execution ideas on this course I created. I am from the Philippines. I am a teacher by profession but i have a business degree. I created a financial literacy course with the goal of teaching High school students how to handle to money. The country does not have a fixed financial...
  7. RommelMe

    A summer business...

    The Situation I will just get to the point, I have been learning about entrepreneurship, the CENTS model and just developing the right mindset for the past seven months, the problem is well, i action faked the heck out of it, so yesterday i finally started executing on my first business plan...
  8. A

    Is it possible to be a Fastlaner with a franchise? (Being a franchisee)

    I wish I had known MJ and his books before purchasing this franchise… I moved to US 4 years ago with my family looking for the old and great “American dream”. Not that it matters for this discussion, but just a quick FYI: legally! I had a pretty decent life in my home country. I owned a...
  9. J

    New guy looking for Mentors

    I am new here and am from Kenya looking to find guidance and mentors. I really want to start a online business next year, right now am just accumulating the tools that I need including the funds. I am certain that next year my business will be online.
  10. Paweljestsuper

    Quit my last ever job 2 months ago.

    Hi Guys, I have gone through TMF in audio format in 3 days and immediately dived into Unscripted. 2 months ago I quit my job an am working on launching my business. As a result of the audiobook I am now shifting form a time for money model to one that is removed from my time and scalable. Book...
  11. MikeMisk

    Caterer looking for advice, insight or feedback

    Hello my name is Mike, and I run a small full service catering company in central Florida. I have been in business since Jan. 1 2020. Rough year to start but I muscled through and I am still in business today. I have over 12 years of serious cooking experience in various cuisines and restaurants...
  12. Mr.LukX

    Can you give your oinion about my plan?

    Hai Guys Let me introduce myself. My name is Lukas and i am from Indonesia. I am 22 years old right now I want to create a buisness But my strategy is right here: 1. I make a list building of whatsApp number. I want to collect 10.000 whatsApp number from my hometown 2. I sell everything via...
  13. M

    Newby is introducing his business idea: Indoor home gardening box and brand

    Dear all, i would like to get your input on an idea I have. The idea is to create a product quite similar to this one...
  14. Quintillioner

    Founding a bank

    Hey guys I'm just 16 and thinking about to create a bank in the future maybe when I turn 24 but I need a bit more information about founding a bank so guys u are asked who can give me tips or knowledge to realize one of my dreams
  15. C

    Failed app business at 14 y.o but now trying to build some revolutionary productivity software.

    My dad saw an article in the newspaper of some kid making millions with some iPhone apps he made. Sounded too easy, so at 14 years old I started up making indie games of some pretty questionable quality. As you can imagine, the business lacked the 'why' behind it, any expertise, had zero...
  16. M

    From Idea to Reality: Progress Thread

    Hey guys, newcomer to the site (intro HERE). Thought I would start with a progress thread to keep myself accountable and so anyone interested can track progress. Where I started: So I've been a flight instructor for a couple years now and was set up to fly for the airlines. It's been a dream of...
  17. J

    Starting a business, but... divorce

    Hi. I’m new here and I’m hoping I’m posting this in the right section/category. I read Fastlane and I’m charged up and ready to get to work. I’m still reading Unscripted and it’s just fueling me up even more. I only have one fear... After 3 years my marriage has been going south and I recently...
  18. Jemmalee


    I’ve downloaded FastLane on audible and have listened to 3 chapters. I’m a little bit ‘mind blown’ at the moment. So... not following passions. Something I thought I should be doing and why i was getting it wrong... Talking business, solving a problem. Creating a directory of “Find a ......”...
  19. M

    A VC hit me up the other day to invest. What next?

    I need a decision making tree on when’s a good time (if ever) to scale business with the help of a VC or investor. I’m kind of against injecting external $$ at this phase (~3 years in), primarily so I don’t owe a lender long term. However, there is some legitimate opportunity at the present...
  20. Tato

    Share business ideas !!

    แบ่งปันแนวคิดทางธุรกิจ !! for you

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