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Believing Is Seeing
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Sep 3, 2018
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Finally - I feel I'm at a good point to introduce myself.

My name is Matt and I'm from Cedar Rapids, IA.

I first read TMF and then Unscripted a few months ago. The TMF book was reviewed on a random YouTube video I watched by a channel called "Beat the Bush" I ultimately followed after learning tips about cashback credit cards and personal finance. It's amazing how a grain of sand such as a one in a million you tube video in everyday passing can be latched onto and become life altering.

I'm at the point in my life where in the last couple years ALOT has been changing with me, my physical and mental health, my relationships, and how I'm beginning to interact in such an awesome way with the universe that I can barely sleep with excitement. Every morning feels like Christmas.

I started reading the Gold Threads and went on a hiatus for a while to get through all of the recommended book material here. I'm glad I did that first because I picked up things that will really help me relate and provide better value to the threads I've been lurking on. Audiobooks are so easy it's a great way to multi task at home and when working out and driving (should I feel guilty about action faking on the forum itself?) The material creates an awesome foundation and from here out I know this forum will help fuel my risk taking and real world learning velocity. I expect to give ALOT and if I've learned anything so far, you get exactly what you give.

I just finished Atomic Habits and now have a real problem on whether I want spend the next month or so finishing up the Gold Threads or start taking action on a web directory idea that I've been wanting to validate for a few years. It doesn't meet the scalability test but probably would be my favorite way at the moment to get out of the slowlane if the market for this niche is there.

I probably will start a specific progress thread in the future, but for now a bit about who I am. I did magic as a hobby and always held an interest in it. I have ideas in this niche, but I also have a lot of other ideas that might do well if I could get them licensed or pursue them separately. I've been through some tribulations as an entrepreneur trying to sell "Cat in the Hat" style hats at sporting events using the school colors, NCAA licensed dog tags, building websites for adsense revenue and some online stores - I could never get the SEO / traffic thing working. My problem has never been a lack of ideas, but more of a lack of decision making focus and execution knowledge. I know the forum and material will help me level up like I wouldn't believe.

I am really grateful for this community and looking forward to much more contribution as progress is made.

Thank you!

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