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Oct 26, 2021
Hello there :)

I am from Germany near of Cologne and 31 years old. Currently i am working as a property manager at a small family office in my home town. I am working since 2011 in the real estate industry, i completed my apprenticeship as a property manager in 2014 and studied business administration (Bachelor finance/taxation) after this.

During my bachelor i read a lot of business and personal development books. The book "Fastlane" was one of them. I read it my final semesters in 2017/2018 and i had to admit i am a silent reader of this forum since then. Unfortunatly i didnt join earlier, because i thought i had to have a proof, that i am a business man. Maybe i was too afraid of this. Over the years i read a lot here and very appreciate it. This is the one and only forum i always did come back to read/search for some problem solving.

Over the years i had a lot ideas for businesses, but didnt work out. For example:

- I tried to create a plattform for people who need a property firm, but i had to realize the demand is not high enough.
- I was into importing parmesan from italy. I wanted to sell it in big boxes under supermarket prices, but i did some research and dissmissed the idea.
- I tried twice to start my own property firm. First in 2018 and end of 2019, which i turned down,

because ->> property management is a really tough business with much conflict potential and i dont like it. So i decided to book a expensive seminar for flipping real estate (greener pasture syndrom is greeting).
Yeah and guess what, my fix and flip carreer is onto hold at the moment, because prices got insane in my area and we (girlfriend and me) cant keep pace with raising prices.

I also have to say, corona stopped and my impatience for having success blown me little off-course. We had some deals, but we were to hesitant.

- Also in 2020 i started an online language school with my sister, who lost her freelancing job as a german tutor and is since then on social welfare. We started an instagram page for educating people online (again greener pasture) and built it since august 2020 (29k follower atm).

At the beginning teaching german to people was really fun and i thought: "Man thats something new without real estate, maybe you are in the wrong sector." ( i really dont like much social conflicts, although i can be very direct and blunt)

Everyone who learnt German celebrate it we got a lot and really good feedback. Besides i did some research and looked into some data for online learning languages, especially german. The demand was huge and learning languages online just to be online. Well, and my sister is a natural in teaching. She did the teaching in front of the camera and i was working in the background (grammar and slides etc).

I licked blood. It was growing slowly in the beginning, but we celebrated every little milestone. 100, 300, 500 and 1.000 Follower.

But the voice in my backhead told me to concentrate on my carreer as real estate employee, because you have to have a plan b... Starting a business isnt safe... and some other believes.

As a result of this and for the reason i didnt like my bosses (nicest way to say this) i quit my job (42k € p.a.) and took another better paid job in the real estate sector (53k €). I wanted to work still in a relative safe sector while working on this language thing. That was the goal and yeah, i was to afraid to go all in. Well, doesnt make sense to me still to this day.

But life happens and sometimes it accelerates... xD

Well, end of the year after i told my bosses that i quit, they offered me to work as freelancer (bookkeeping) for them next to my regular new job. Additional 30k € (53k+30k=83k). I said yes and worked my a$$ off in the beginning of 2021.

I hadnt any free weekends for 2 months straight. I really enjoyed it, because i had the feeling that my skills are valuable and i can (almost) define my payrate. Furthermore i worked with my sister on the language school. She had and still has a great vision and we re planned to create an international language academy.

But some things are to good to be true.

In end of January 2021 our growth rate exploded. It was insane! End of year we had almost 1.000 follower. End of January we heading for 10k!! Which let me consider to quit one my current working stations and put more effort in to the online academy.

So, the decision was:

The very stressful and demanding new job. Which was really very interesting i must say, because I was managing (still property manager) a porfolio of inner city commercial real estate in the biggest cities of Germany.
Or Second decision was to quit the new job and go back to my old employer, because there i had time to do sidehustles, the work wasnt that stressful and it was 5 min away from my home. Would be perfect for a side hustle, i guessed and went back.

Yeah, but then it happend after i told my new bosses i quit and move back to my old employer. My sister and i got into a fight because of strategy of the start up. I was very unpatient and wanted to execute faster. I pushed her to youtube and starting to do online classes for getting more information what the "market" wants.

In the beginning of March we unfortunately separated and decided that she is going to do it on her own. I really honestly must say that its her baby and her idea. So, i respected the decision and i thought that my relationship with her is far more important than business. Sometimes i am really to serious.

Here i go again.

I switched back to my old bosses, got a little bit more money (44k) and a new responsibility in the firm, because an ex colleague got pregnant.

I really liked the old colleagues, but since i am back they are really shitty to me. One of them talked bad about me in front of the bosses, which i overheard and confronted him. Well, after that he insulted me in front of a boss and went off. The bosses told him to apoligized to me, which he did, but didnt mean. I dont go to much into detail, because i told him after that, if he does it again, im going to sue him because of bad mouth. Well, as you can imagine, the climate at work is miserable since then xD.

And the best ist yet to come. My bosses (second generation of heritage) are going to seperate this or next year. Uff. Bad news, hm... maybe, maybe not.

So, here i am sitting and writing this text, which let me think of which business i should start in the future. At the moment i am working at my property management firm, despite i dont like it that much. Acquisition is working and i had a lot of appointment with potential customers, but i think maybe i need to search for a new job soon to stay cashflow positive.

Well, thats for the introduction and i really want to thank you for reading until the end. Also i want to say a big THANK YOU to all creators here. I learnt a lot through reading and browsing the threads in this forum as a silent reader for the last two years. I think i am going to create a progress thread and share my entrepreneurial ambitions there.

P.s. Pls forgive me for my bad writing.

Greetings Sascha (Feuertaufe)
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Welcome to the forum, appreciate the intro. Has your sister learned to monetize her operation and earn income? Or she still on welfare?


New Contributor
Read Rat-Race Escape!
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Oct 26, 2021
Welcome to the forum, appreciate the intro. Has your sister learned to monetize her operation and earn income? Or she still on welfare?

Hi, yes she started with monetization (1k/mo.), but she still lives on welfare and has to give most of it back to the state, because she´s getting welfare.:(

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