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INTRO Hello from Russia

Ilya C

Jun 6, 2019
Hello everyone.

I got a degree in CS for free (lucky me), using spare time to start a business. I don't know where did I get that idea, I just wanted to. Me and my friend tried lots of ideas. More than ten for sure. Every one failed though, so I got a job (managing projects which is a useful experience).

For a long time I thought the reason my attempts failed was that I was bad at selling.
But reading MJ's book it became obvious — sometimes I just didn't "act until echo". Other times I thought another idea is better than adjusting the feedback with the current one.

But a couple of those early projects ended better than all the others. One of them (reselling imported goods) was so good I could've made it my full-time occupation. But instead of figuring out all the legal details related to scaling the processes I just stopped working at it. What a stupid move, lol. Anyway, that project was so cool, customers (old and new) tried to contact us during the next year. That's it! One year with no ads, no content marketing, nothing. Despite complete silence, we got purchase requests and ignored them. I guess I won't be able to fail worse than that :) It was a pity to drop the project, so we gave it away for free and explained all the details to some friends of ours. A few months later all the requests ceased.

My mistakes didn't end there. During my time at different jobs I made the mistake of sidewalking. Yolo, after all, right? So I traveled, had fun, I also switched a few cars, including a new beautiful german vehicle (financed, of course).

Luckily I understood my mistakes and fixed them relatively fast. Now I live at my own place and work remotely (which saves around 40 hours per month). I also invest some of my income, so I think I'm at the slowlane right now. Initially I had a few ideas regarding my career, including the AI sphere, but then I thought I might as well be building a business, since I enjoy challenges and the hard work. Some other insights also occurred to me recently, if anyone is interested about the thinking process that stands behind the switch.

And here I am. @MJ DeMarco said he had no step-by-step guide, but to me his UNSCRIPTED book is exactly that. I lacked that framework, and it helped me understand my previous mistakes better, so thanks for that. I'll see if I can do better this time :)

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
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