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Guy fakes a restaurant by selling microwave meals through Deliveroo

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Jul 16, 2018
If this is legal, then do it by all means. I personally find that some restaurants in my neighborhood actually sell microwave food.


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Aug 16, 2019
I didn't watch the video since I'm at work, but I don't necessarily think this has to be a scam. Unless he is claimming to be a restaurant he isn't or claimming the food is homemade or semthing that is obviously a lie.

In Madrid, Spain with the boom of the delivery apps there have been also popping up "blind kitchen" restaurants (I don't know if that term exists in English, but it's what they're called in spanish). They are restaurants that only have a kitchen and the exclusively sell through delivering apps. The restaurant per se doesn't exist, as you can't go there and eat.

If you think t's a scam because it's microwave food, I again disagree. There has been a boom in the industry of fifth range products (food that is already prepared, cooked and sealed). There is for sure really bad microwave food, but it's not the only kind of products you kind find. There also is a lot of high end stuff going on. And this is not only happening in the delivery apps. More often a lot of restaurants are introducing these kind of products. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered something that would probably take hours to cook but it was served after a few minutes? Guess what? It was already cooked, and they just heated it.

As long as they are providing value, and it's legal, which it is at least in Spain ( I don't know about the US), what is the problem?

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