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INTRO Good Afternoon Fastlaners

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by mdeyoung, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. mdeyoung

    mdeyoung New Contributor

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    Sep 13, 2017
    Windsor, Ontario Canada
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    Hey Everyone, I have been browsing these forums for a few years not really letting the content sink in as I was feeling pretty comfortable with where I was.. Since this is a intro thread I will give you a little background on where I was and what caused the paradigm shift in my life.

    Since I was quite young I always felt as though I was just a little more intelligent than most. When others were struggling in school I found that it just clicked for me. After I graduated college I started into the wonderful world of corporate servitude not knowing any different. See, like many of you, I was brainwashed by mainstream society to believe in the slow lane.. Graduate college, start at the bottom rung and through hard work and time end up manoeuvring up the corporate ladder. So that is what I did in my chosen profession (Information Technology) and within 5 years I thought I had made it.. A nice 6 figure salary to enjoy life in the present while also saving enough to be wealthy when I retire. I was flying high but never felt fulfilled or truly happy. I would buy (consume) materialistic things to have a temporary happiness high only lasting until the next lull. This continued for years without really realizing what I was doing.. Than came one of the worse days of my life..

    When the doctor comes into the examination room and tells you that you have the dreaded C word (cancer for those unfamiliar) many thoughts go through your head.. Am I going to die? how will this effect my family, there is so much I still want to do, will I have the chance? With all these questions rolling around in my head I was lost. I decided that day that I was not going to let this disease win and I was going to fight. After a year of treatments and surgeries I came out a different person. My priorities had changed, family and friends became the most important thing in life. My largest fear was no longer the thought of death, it was that of untapped potential. With that came the need to look at my employment situation and determine what needed to change to not waste the 2nd chance that I had been given. I had dabbled in eCommerce in the past running a few successful sites, which paid my way through college but I dropped much of that to follow the path that I thought was the correct one at the time, Corporate America.

    The day came approximately 4 weeks ago when I again stumbled onto Fast Lane Millionaire after a long hiatus. I had actually forgot about the site but had it in some previous notes that I began to review when I decided that I had to do something different if I want a different result. I purchased TMF and have been working my way through it and not a single book has ever effected me or really made me look at myself and society as a whole in a completely different way than TMF has. I have had a tough time converting from a consumer to a producer because I am not overly creative and much more of a analytical thinker but I am confident that I will be able to find my niche and join many of you on the fastlane.

    I look forward to speaking with many of you here and contributing to this great community.

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