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Getting Up With No Effort

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Feb 15, 2012
At some point, throwing the blanket back over my head became a habit. I'd slide the covers down a little and gaze at the red letters on my alarm clock: 8:00 AM. Too early. Back into my warm, dark cocoon.

Going back to sleep grew into a habit. Back then, my alarm clock staring at me never determined my fate.

Actually, getting out of bed was second nature. Effortless. My eyes opened. My body "turned on". I had no desire to sleep more. After getting ready, I'd pace quickly downstairs. While eating cereal, my mind magnetized to being around my friends. Childhood was like exchanging gifts on Christmas: connection, unending laughter, friendship, and love. Unknowingly, every day we were creating pages in a book. A good book. A book that grabs you and takes you inside it.

Every morning, I wanted badly to be around my friends.
  • Getting up "too early" did not exist in my world
  • The desire to be around my friends was greater than going back to sleep
  • Getting up was effortless
Getting Up With Effort

Some memories flash through your mind like traffic lights changing. Waking up my older brother is one of those memories. He'd snag the covers over his head and go back to sleep. After seeing that many times, one morning, I made a decision to do the same thing. Slowly, this became a habit.

The desire for comfort was greater than anything else. Getting up was annoying. I felt something inside me become numb. Many times, instead of dealing with it, I'd double down on comfort. I wanted to get back to where I was, but I didn't do anything.


Eventually, I took a hard look at my life. I dissected things. I broke things down.

Desire became my focus. As a kid, my desire was to be around my friends. That was the thing that made me get out of bed effortlessly. What is my desire? What gives me that urge to ignore the alarm clock? What is that thing?

I dug deep and found that thing. I started to get up and labor hours to that thing. I made sure I talked that thing. I made sure I put myself around people who were about that thing. I made sure my mornings were filled with encouragement. I made sure my nights were filled with visualization and good words. Visualization is crucial. The main thing was action. Action gets the momentum going. The results start to develop. The vision starts to grow more.

Having the right environment was crucial. If I'm not at Starbucks, I'm at my desk. Stay away from comfortable environments. Keep little clutter around. A cluttered environment promotes a cluttered mind. Get into the habit of not thinking. Get up and do the most important thing quickly. Don't get too caught up in motivational stuff. It's fine here and there. You are not going anywhere just feeling good about yourself. You are going to get somewhere by doing, creating, and making a difference. Keep your meaning, purpose, and vision in words and read them every day. Meditate. It puts the mind in a deep, relaxed state.

Be grateful. Write down what you're grateful for every day. Pray. This world is cold and crazy. Be the light and keep yourself centered. Focus on giving, rather than receiving.

Ultimately, find your desire and do. Give a lot of time to your desire. Don't let anything knock you off your block. Put your head down and run. Don't walk.

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