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INTRO Getting my life back on track ...


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Oct 23, 2018
So, I had an old account here a couple of years ago and like probably most people, I eventually lost interest and starting picking up the playstation controller again (faceplam). For the last 2 years I have done nothing worthy whether it be business related or personal achievements, just working on a bar and spending the money on booze and designer clothes (another BIG facepalm).

Now I am only 22 and financial freedom is something I want by 35 definitely but I have decided for now to travel to Australia (I currently live in the UK) for at least 1 year to explore and appreciate a different way of life. Maybe even a little fun, which has been truthfully lacking in my life as of late. This decision may not be ‘Fastlane’ but it is a step that I hope that can lead to other opportunities along the way and gets me out my parents house for a start!

I am going to start getting involved in this community once again. Begin learning, understanding, reading what everyone here is offering because this place truly is a gem. Cheers guys, I wont be making the same mistakes I have made in the last 2 years again!

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Oct 23, 2018
Welcome back, and glad to see that you've mended your ways.

Freedom by 35 is doable, but you gotta start now. Leverage your skill sets and get moving!
Thanks. That is the cold harsh truth and I appreciate it. The more I procrastinate, the higher that age is going to be.

Arun Siva

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Aug 31, 2016
I hope that can lead to other opportunities
do not hope. you either do it or dont. you make and create opportunities as you go. you got this. go and explore the F outta australia, see opportunities, needs there, figure out a .way to serve those needs efficiently from UK or wherever you are based.

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