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Could low entry be an asset (Let's assume you're also not necessarily exceptional)


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Aug 21, 2018
I'm bouncing a few ideas around when it comes to which direction I want my website to take. It's new and I've been working on it but I can still easily take it in a blogging direction or a digital product sales direction.

Here's the thing. It's obvious that there are so many blogs and bloggers out there now. Many start blogging because they think it's easy and easy money.

Don't these same people eventually discover the harsh reality?

And don't these people also eventually leave the sphere?

My thinking on this is that even if there's low entry to a niche, there may also be A LOT OF TURNOVER because people underestimated the competition.

Therefore, even if you're not too exceptional (just an assumption, I know where I can deliver strong value relative to other sites), wouldn't it benefit you to just stick with it and chip away like in any business?

I think the weak hands get shaken out very quickly. If there's easy entry there's also a lot of turnover. If there's a lot of turnover, you have to stick with it, keep offering value, and have a maniacal commitment to the process come hell or high water.

Wherever there is easy entry there is also quick discouragement. Wherever there is quick discouragement is ripe for opportunity.

What do you think?
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Jul 24, 2018
What do you think?
Being exceptional would probably be needed. Otherwise, wouldn't you get drown out by all the newbies just starting?

In a fading trend, though, sticking it out might work (less people are coming in than going out, so lower competition). When people move onto the next hot thing, whatever was hot becomes more viable to those there to create actual value over the long-run.

If you want to enter a currently low barrier market (especially one that's trending), it might be better to help the crowd instead of competing with them.

A couple examples off the top of my head:
  • Help beginning artists get exposure via a YouTube channel that curates submissions and posts links to the artists' blogs/Instagrams/YouTube channels.
  • Help people figure out how to get more followers on Instagram by rating tools, offering tutorials, etc.


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Aug 21, 2018
MJ DeMarco mentioned something about that in TMF . In an environment with a low barrier to entry like affiliate marketing and blogging, you must be exceptional at what you do, in other words, you must inform and educate exceptionally, you must entertain exceptionally or provide exceptional value.

Aside from that, consider a low barrier to entry business as something like a gold rush. Anyone can just go and buy Bitcoin or start mining. So, don't go buying up Bitcoin or mining like the rest of them, but provide value in the form of a general store, prepare breakfast for the miners, sell shovels, sell panning equipment, sell coffee. Someone wants to do affiliate marketing and blogging? Sell a course, sell a plugin for WordPress. Create a blogging platform like Wix, sell things that these guys (money-chasers) would need in exchange for value-vouchers.

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