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Consumer/Producer equation?


New Contributor
Feb 13, 2019
In "Fastlane" the book, p.287 (regarding "trust and verify"):
There is only one person you can blindly trust in this world, and that is YOU.
Why so cynical? If you don’t understand now, you will later. When you serve millions, you come in contact with millions. Only then will you understand the essence of the consumer/producer equation. Your eyes will be opened to how many people will go the extra mile to try to screw you....

What is "the essence of the consumer/producer equation"?
Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Aug 27, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
I think that paragraph is saying that once you become a producer, you will realize that you can only ever trust yourself, because others will try and take advantage of you now that you are providing value.

As a producer, you are in the minority, and you are serving the majority of people who are consumers.

Because of this, you will come into contact with many people. Some of those people are sh*tty people who will try and take advantage of you and screw you over.

The essence of the consumer/producer equation is that producers have a lot more difficulties to deal with than consumers, but that being a producer is the only way to create wealth.

Being a producer is the difficult path, but the better one.

Net worth = Production - Consumption

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