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Oct 31, 2018
Hi everyone, I'm Lucas from a country called Singapore!

Currently 26 yo, have been a wantreprenuer for the past 2 years and have been running an e-commerce site retailing souvenirs, while working a part-time job, finishing up my part time degree and recently became a real estate broker.

The site isn't doing well enough to replace my income as it's running on tight margins and slow sales. I can't seem to get digital marketing right even after following courses, been throwing wads of cash at Facebook and Google haha.

Currently the customers come from organic search via the blog post that I did using Backlinko's skyscrape technique, it seriously works! 1st page ranking on target keyword.

However, I'm not the smartest guy, and am coming to the realization that the market may not have sufficient need for my retail site, as there's 0 repeat customers, or the product range is too limited.

With my recent marriage to my wife and the purchase of my new house, the fire is really burning my a$$ to get my shit straight and really provide some kick a$$ value and grow da money tree.

After reading TMF and Unscripted , it's a pretty painful but well-needed wakeup call.

Now, my strategy is to see if I can add any value to peeps at Upwork (administrative work / blog writing) in the meantime to settle the bills, and keep my RAS up for a productocracy in an unmet need in the market.

Thank you for reading :)

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Jeff Noel

Go all in.
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Speedway Pass
Oct 26, 2018
Quebec, Canada
Welcome to the forum Lucas !

You're in the right place if you want to do. There's a lot of resources mentioning UpWork scattered the forum, feel free to look for them using the search function.


New Contributor
Nov 4, 2018
Hi @LucasLim ,
welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing! I am also living in Singapore, let me know if you a fancy to catch up some time for lunch and exchange more.
Feel free to get in touch via whastsapp +66 958212326.


New Contributor
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Oct 31, 2018
Woops, didn't notice the alert going off.

Thank you for the warm welcome @lowtek and @Jeff Noel !
Apparently Upwork don't need my current skillset, haha..

and I moved on to testing the market for lead gen service for an old niche.. still prodding the pinata!

Hi @Stankosy, glad to see someone from the same island! haha

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