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Anyone using Flutter?


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Mar 3, 2013
Anyone working with Flutter? It uses the Dart language to compile in to native OSX and Android apps. Dart can also be used on websites (not familiar with that), so some people are putting their business logic in Dart so they can re-use it on web/iOS/Android. Seems like Xamarin in the sense that the final product is a native app. I've read little bits about people getting upset that Google seems to be throwing a lot of stuff against the wall to see what sticks, ex AMP, PWA, Dart, and all the Material Design stuff that no one seems to really understand what it is.

The Google Girls explain Flutter:

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May 19, 2017
Newcastle, Australia
I haven't used it but it looks promising. I've been using Unity recently to develop some apps and the ability to pretty easily export between ios and android saves so much time.

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