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social media marketing

  1. Tim001

    Social Media Manager

    Seeking recommendations for a social media manager or advice on how to locate one. I've been spending considerable time on vetting potential candidates with disappointing results. I did search the forum before posting this! :) Thanks, Tim
  2. G

    My Ads Guy Makes $42,000 Per Month Playing With Money. I'm in the Wrong Business

    I recently hired a META/Google/TikTok ad agency to run ads for my e-commerce. One guy who handles 21 accounts. I pay him 2K per month and allow him to spend an additional 5K per month in ad spend. Am I missing something or is this guy making BANK? And if so... is this the hottest career path...
  3. ali.lari2x

    Should I focus on my Gym SMMA?

    Hi everyone, Backstory This is my first post on the Forum. I read TMF in early 2022 when I was 19 years old (I’m now 21) in university hopping from business idea to business idea. Ever since I was 12 or 13, I’ve had this vision or goal in mind of building a business that gives me location...
  4. T

    New EU regulations might destroy my business

    Hi, I recently released a book about anxiety and panic in the Netherlands. I only get raving reviews and messages from people who have resolved their anxiety and panic after being stuck in it for years (nothing else seemed to work). Like 90% of my customers come from FB. And now FB is facing a...
  5. mikecarlooch

    Grant Cardone's Dirty Little Secret

    After reading this, I can truly say with conviction that if you're someone who has felt anxious or overwhelmed by making organic content on social media platforms because there are just too many freaking things going on, I've got the answer for you in this post. What I'd recommend if you're in...
  6. stefandrazic

    ROI on Social Media Marketing for a Web Design Agency

    Hi there! I'm just starting my Web Design Agency for the first time. I've figured out the domain name I'm going to buy. I'm going to get a website up and running. I was just wondering about the benefits of social media marketing and blog for my business. Is it a good return on investment? I...
  7. ycee

    This strategy for us $100K+ in sales via influencers. Copy it for your own brand in 2023!

    Influencer Marketing is a black box. It can be overwhelming to figure out where exactly to start. After scaling a few influencer programs to $100K+ in sales… I came up with this 6-step-strategy that tells you exactly what to do to get started. Steal it #1 - Start with finding the right...
  8. Ronnie Bryan

    Social Media Examiner Social Group worthy investment or rabbit hole?

    Hello Forum, Yesterday I got a email from the social media examiner to join their higher learning ~be informed about social media happenings~ over 130+videos to learn platforms ~Plus 24/7 hour live support through a Facebook Group . (I am assuming that is what they meant) annual membership $797...
  9. mikecarlooch

    The "Inside The Mind Show" With MikeCarlooch - Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Man.. I'm excited for this.. Glad to announce my new show INSIDE THE MIND Over the past 8 months on the forum, I've met some really awesome people who've done some AMAZING things, and I wanted to learn more about these individuals! (even though the show will not just be people on this forum)...
  10. mikecarlooch

    Chat Discussion - RUMBLE (The Next Big Thing?)

    This is something to pay attention to I believe. The social media app called RUMBLE is starting to get a lot of traction for being the go-to social media platform for free speech and no censorship. The founder of RUMBLE (Chirs Pavlovski) went on twitter and various other places talking about...
  11. mikecarlooch

    How To Growth Hack Your Social Media Without Hoping (2023)

    This Is Not Clickbait Dear fastlaner, Have you ever considered that growth on social media.. does not have to be based on hope? Recently, I spotted an amazing system that gave me a ton of mental clarity about social media when I managed to get it on paper and start implementing it.. It...
  12. ycee

    Why my influencer marketing strategy didn't work and what I did to turn it around

    When I started doing influencer marketing for brands, I managed to get creators to say yes and onboarded them to our program. But they never generated the $ in sales that we desired. It was tough until I found out that you lose half the juice of your influence-partners if you don't do...
  13. ycee

    How to get influencers to post about your brand, without paying $ upfront

    When you start doing influencer marketing, it's important to avoid the trap of pay-per-post. You will most likely end up losing money. It fosters transactional relationships and makes your influencer program perform poorly. The key is to get to know influencers, send them free product, and see...
  14. ycee

    The only solution to Facebook ads performance drop that worked for me (it's not TikTok)

    The ongoing privacy-related updates by Apple after iOS 14.5 have pretty much killed Facebook ads. This means Facebook’s data and tracking abilities are that much worse. This is why you see your ROAS is down, CPMs are up, Reach is declining, and conversions are decreasing. So how do you adapt...
  15. mikecarlooch

    Want to get TONS of new eyeballs on your brand?

    Hey guys! I wanted to bring some value to this forum that you can use to your advantage. First of all, why should you listen to me when it comes to tiktok marketing ? I've been creating content on tiktok in different industries since the summer of 2019, amassing well over a hundred million...
  16. C

    Limitless Trustpilot reviews posting - How to

    I always wondered how some companies are able to post tenths and hundreds of positive "5star" Trustpilot reviews, which look very fake, but still of course push their sales and lead to a high Trustpilot score. When I tried to post 3 or 4 positive reviews for an own business, those were removed...
  17. tsouri

    Recommendation needed

    Hi Guys Looking for a solid person to run our social media. I am aware of Upwork but I am looking for some good recommendation of someone you worked with. Looking for a daily task like posting images and videos, commenting, researching potential clients, tagging, etc.. Any help will be great...
  18. BlackMagician

    (Help) Stuck in middle step of social media leads gen funnel

    One of my client is Dental equipment manufacturer like dental chairs etc. I have been doing social media management for them like managing and posting. 2 months back we discussed to start doing fb ads and email marketing. I created buyers persona, created lead magnet(free checklist for dentist)...
  19. C

    Anyone want a free copy of Russell Brunson's ''Network Marketing Secrets''?

    Hi there, My name is CJ, came across this and thought that some of you might find his teachings useful. I don't want to post any links here, just in case I'm not allowed to. But if you are interested to let me know. It looks like a fab forum, can't wait to get stuck in. Kind Regards, CJ -...
  20. 0dysseus

    The ultimate, constantly fresh list of online communities about social media, digital marketing and

    I compiled a list of communities about digital marketing, social media management or any other form of online entrepreneurship (naturally, FastLane is in it). This list was started for my own personal needs, but I soon realized it would be a useful resource to anyone interested in building a...