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  1. Schoonie

    New to forum, digital mktg agency

    Hey everyone, A customer of mine who runs a small digital marketing company from his house recommended the fast lane to me, and after finishing the book, I decided to become a part of the thread to learn what I could and be a part of a community of entrepreneurs. I just finished my degree in...
  2. ALC

    How to GROW the popularity of a physical food/coffee business ??

    Hi everyone, Could you tell me what are the things/techniques i need to look at in order to increase my popularity on Facebook, Google & Instagram , and by that i mean being in the top search when someone write : top coffee shop/restaurant in XXX city.. or Instagram techniques to reach as much...
  3. Greg Jeffries

    Learn how to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing using SEO

    Just like most other people that try to make money online, I’ve had a long, expensive journey. It’s been about 7 solid years since I first got started, and over the years I’ve been through all sorts of courses, bought softwares, invested in high ticket mentoring, attended live events…you name...
  4. Greg Jeffries

    From mediocre middle class to six-figure SEO affiliate marketer

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I'm a big fan of The Millionaire Fastlane. I kind of consider it to be The 4-Hour Workweek version 2.0 :) But a little about myself... I grew up middle class The only real advantage I had starting out in the real world is that...
  5. Jamesdoesmith

    WHERE!?!?!? Does everyone learn to build websites/SEO/Social media marketing?!

    I am in a dilemma where I need to learn how to create my own sales leads. Landing pages/SEO things/ Create funnels/Ads on social media. I am tired of paying for these services. Where did YOU learn to do these things? I am trying to cut out the middle man and generate my own leads.
  6. drleeds

    48 years old finished Unscripted and sad.

    I am a little sad after finishing the book. Maybe it's because the book is aimed at younger people and I am already close to 50. I am a family doctor in Florida. About two years ago, I quit my two jobs and dropped out of traditional medicine. By traditional, I mean the typical busy clinic where...
  7. Ankerstein17

    Is Dropshipping Dead?

    Hey guys, I have recently been looking to get into drop shipping mastering it. I have been reading some articles with people saying drop shipping is basically dead, and all of these rumors. I am not in the drop shipping business, and to be frank don't know many people in the business. I...
  8. U

    SEO Experts Advise Needed

    Dude approached me and wants me to build him a sales team. In talking with him, he is an SEO expert, looks like he really knows his stuff, but he is just a little off and having trouble finding him clients. Now, I believe I could get him a sales team, but I am wanting to know more about SEO...
  9. G

    28 year old looking for advice/possibilities

    Hello everyone, I am a 28 year old teacher who is looking for a way to reach financial independence through entrepreneurship. I've read a lot of books over the past year and I've gotten a decent start. I started reselling a lot of items that I've thrifted and made a decent $6000 profit this...
  10. S

    New Website Traffic Tips

    Hey guys, So I recently had an amazing idea for a website service that involves FIFA! And I created the site within a week, and it has an attractive, easy-to-use design, and it fills a void/need in the market. For reference, my site is ! So far, to market my website and drive...
  11. SouthernGuy

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hey everyone, first post here! So I have recently gotten into affiliate marketing, and to test the waters I set up an amazon affiliate account because it seemed to be noob-friendly. My first product I am marketing is the book Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson. I found the search analytics...
  12. limitless_c

    f*cked up our SEO by mistake - Any tips?

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help with SEO. So, we had a site with more than 1.000 pages indexed, this pages used a url structure like /state/city/something/name One of our engineers changed a part of the url structure, something like /city/ to /city-1/, he also updated the sitemap with the new...
  13. hughjasle

    SEO in 2017, IT'S ALIVE!

    My question is for the SEO hot shots here: What's the best method(s) for doing SEO in 2017? I know I know, SEO is dead. I. Don't. Care. I'm on a quest to build a "built to sell" business and I've found that in my space buyers tend to like good SEO rankings. Sure they might be stupid for...
  14. amp0193

    SEO for Shopify Sites - I know, I know...

    I know, people on this forum tend to blast SEO as unnecessary, unreliable, and irrelevant. That being said, it'd be nice to be ranked higher in google search, if there's some basic, common-sense things that I should be doing. My site is 2 years old, is doing 10-15 sales a day (mostly direct...
  15. H

    Seo,Marketing,Hosting needed (No lazy people please)

    Hi Can anyone help i'm looking for a hosting company does anyone know where i can host a website for cheap as it's a new venture and i want to keep my costs down. Thanks
  16. A

    New here. Any advice on startups???

    Hey! I thought I would reach out to gain some advice really. I've been tasked to help a purely online business in the HYPER competitive market of mortgages. Trying to compete with the big wigs is nigh on impossible organically, their domain authority is way to high and this is a new business...
  17. F

    Lowering Bounce Rate - What are your techniques?

    I recently launched my 3D printer retailer, However I've been seeing bounce rates of ~40%. I've been playing around with certain things, making pop-ups less intrusive, etc. but to no avail. What would you guys suggest?

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